Loving Life after 50

If I were……

Today I am driving 12 hours to go see my Mom and Dad and sister and Nana and of course my Carly Lou, so a few random thoughts  for you.
I saw this post awhile ago and it peaked my interest so, If I were…..

A month. I’d be July, cuz everyone loves July
A country. I’d be Canada.  Simple & sweet, eh?
A time of day. I’ld be noon, sunny and clear and enough of the day over and so much left to enjoy.
A sea animal. a dolphin
A direction. I’d be east
A liquid.  I’d be a hot cup of tea.
A gemstone.  I’d be a pearl.
A tree.  I’d be a cute little wisteria
A game.  I’d be Sequence
A famous painting.  I’d be the Mona Lisa.  Quiet & mysterious.
A flower.  I’d be a Gladiola!
A kind of weather.  I’d be a hot and hazy summer day
A musical instrument.  I’d be a guitar
A piece of furniture.  I’d be a wine rack
A color.  I’d be green or maybe pink nah I have to be Yellow
A means of transportation.  I’d be a boat
An emotion.  I’d be happy.
A fruit.  I’d be a banana.
A sound.  I’d be a hummm . Steady & comforting.
A vehicle. I’d be an antique convertible
A place.  I’d be a quirky little fashion boutique.or an Irish Bar
A taste.  I’d be vanilla
A scent. I’d be the scent vanilla
An animal.  I’d be a cat ( a well looked after cat, like I have)
A random object.  I’d be an Iphone to make so many people happy and connected
A body part.  I’d be pair of eyes.
A song.  I’d be “We are young”
An item of clothing.  I’d be a maxi dress

and to remain ever true to my posts my outfit from Saturday while at the blogging conference
my J Crew Dress, dressed down with a definite Nautical Theme.

Have a great day and a Happy Easter Weekend