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I’m OK with the Rain

It is a rainy spring day today but guess what, I am OK with that because the temperatures allow no tights and no winter jackets. Never ever thought I would say I am OK with Rain ( except when following a drought of course) It is now officially time to dig out the spring/summer clothes.  I am so excited, a host of all new to you outfits.  It is funny how something I may have had for awhile feels all brand new because now I am blogging and taking pictures for people who have never seen a particular outfit.  Never let me say I do not dress for others because if the thought of showing you a new outfit matters more than me wearing a new outfit means I have found my calling I do believe.  Now do not misunderstand me, I still love buying clothes and cannot wait to show you what I got in Saint John this weekend but for now I am trying to show a little bit of pastel ( and for some strange reason I did not buy any this weekend, I thibnk because I was too obsessed with Cats in glasses, yep i said it cats in glasses so stay tuned).
Todays outfit is all from Ricki’s ( skirt and blouse/shirt) Necklace from Charlotte Russe, Cardigan yep Old Navy and Shoes from Go Jane.
My Rain Trench is Old Navy and my Boots are from Zellers prior to their closing, boot liners are from Giant Tiger Boutique.

Seriously does not the site of bare arms and bare legs not just shout we are ready for this warm weather…
I am so excited to start wearing my summer clothes.

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