Loving Life after 50

It was a mean little man

I swear to you it was a mean little man that invented the mammogram machine, honestly no-one has been able to come up with a better test to check your boobs than that monstrosity. Yes in case you have not yet realized today ( this morning actually) I had my first mammogram. The woman running the machine was wonderful and did as much as she could to make it relatively painfree, but OH MY LORD, that was not what I would call a pleasant experience,  BUTTTTT all that aside, I do not want to scare anyone away, it is far better to experience two minutes of discomfort then the alternative, early detection is the key. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I am an every other year test not an every year test,

The joys of turning 50, mammograms, FOBT tests ( poop test people, yes,yet another indignity we go through to make sure we are healthy) as much as I appear to be complaining I am forever grateful that I live where I live and that all of these tests are free of charge, So for the sake of a minute or two of discomfort I receive the gift of knowing that I am healthy,  So all in all totally worth it.
So Dressing for convenience of testing, adding some sunny colour because it is RAINING today and yes I mean holy toledo raining. Today I expect this rain should remove all of the remaining snow in my front yard and really make dent in the backyard. In honour of spring I am a bumblebee today.( Please ignore the really bad Hair, tried something different this morning and with all the disrobing, redressing and the rain it is a bit of a mess)

Black dress from Target, Sweater from Vanheusen, Shoes from Shoe Dazzle ( Love my pink soles)  Necklace an E-Bay purchase.  Earring from Stella and Dot.( Face Tan thanks to my Ipsy Bag (Vita Liberta)
  • You look great in Yellow Linda. The pumps are gorgeous and I love their red bottoms. Also, very pretty necklace. I own a similar one from The Limited. =)

    • Thanks, today was a need to wear bright because of the rain day.

  • You look awesome! Yellow is really your color – just makes you glow!!! I can't believe you are still experiencing snow. GAH! I would die!! It's sunny and 75 here!

    • I could cry that you are having 75, this time last year we were in full spring/summer mode but this year arggg.

  • Okay, that cartoon is just way too funny. Thanks for the laugh and for the wonderful yellow outfit. We can all use some sunshine today 🙂

  • Love that bright yellow in your outfit! And I am just glad we live in an age where these test are available! I'm sure they are uncomfortable and embarrassing, but they save so many lives! 🙂

  • I love the pops of yellow!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • You look gorgeous in these shades of yellow – I've been lusting after some yellow shoes recently myself. I agree that these tests are just awful (putting off my next smear, urghh, even just the word makes me shudder), but Laura B is right that they save lives, so we have to endure the indignity of them! x

  • Loving you in yellow!

    âś°Transatlantic Blondeâś°