Loving Life after 50

Maxi “mizing” my Potential

The sun is shining ( an ok I may be sounding redundant and repetitive but for those of us in the North it is a statement to shout from the rooftops)
Friday Five and my Fan shoutouts are after my OOTD, so skip below if ya don’t enjoy me.

Tried an outdoor shoot this AM before I left the house,  took some pictures with my new camera and of course with the I Phone,  these lovelies are with the I phone cuz I did not have time to download the camera ones yet.  I promise soon I will be posting all professional DSLR pictures (and if you believe I will be getting professional pics or get that talented well, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you, and OMG how Old do I sound using that old saying)
and a few in office just because.
Dress gift from Carly, Necklaces gift from Mom ( she gave me a pile), Chambray from Old Navy and Chuck Taylors from Journey’s in Williamsburg
I am interested in hearing some feedback on the sizing as I sought some professional advise from one of my all time fav bloggers and I am trying some new ” sizing”.

Today is Fab Five Friday.

1) I got to spend 3.5 days in Saint John with family ( missed out on seeing some great friends but it has been so long since we were home I needed to chillax with family)  so I got to see this beauty ( who by the way gave me the maxi I have on)

 and of course spend fabulous time with my mom and dad and my Nana  and my sister ( pictures were posted on Monday or Tuesday if I recall)

2) I ate like a friggin pig but got my Pizza Delight and my Deluxe and my Molasses Bread ( and I bought four loaves home with me and they are stored in my freezer to be rationed to last me a while) and then I got home and felt like this ( maybe because of all the chocolate my mom gave me…)

3) I found the best Greek yogurt in the world so I can indulge while feeling like I am back on track,  Presidents Choice Chocolate Greek Yogurt and Astro Banana Cream Pie yogurt, and mix them together and it is like a healthy Banana Split

4) It is the weekend and we are going to get our yard work done finally, and hopefully get the patio furniture out and the pool uncovered ( no swimming for a while but at least i am hoping to be back to this view in my back yard. ( minus all the flowers and greenery cuz it is still a little grey and bleak)

5) Our boys are coming home,  the started out on their Spring 2014 Tour and they will be in Ottawa for a show on the 2nd.  So if you are in Guelph, London, Windsor, Toronto, Oshawa or Waterloo, hop over to RM and The Honest Heart Collective to see when they are playing near you.  And be prepared for lots of gushing and pictures from me when they get here.
Bar shot thhc

5.5) The Stanley Cup is up for grabs and I wish I could be linking with Sara but who wants to write about sports when your hockey team is not in the playoffs.

But I will give a shoutout to the  Boston Bruins. Go team go in honour of my step dad and cuz yes we are still watching all the games anyway because that is what we do when the Stanley Cup games are on.

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