Loving Life after 50

Midwestern Girl from Kansas moves to Inner City Baltimore,

Good Morning Everyone, little slow getting started today so i thought I would introduce you to someone pretty special, say Hi to Colleen, Colleen is a 34 year old Midwestern Girl, turned City girl, living and working as an inner city missionary living in one of Baltimore’s most vulnerable neighborhoods! A Girl that loves her life and was just nominated as on of Baltimore’s most Inspirational Women! 

In her free time, she loves to head out and spend time at the Local Farmer’s Market, exploring the different cultural events and scouring Target for fun new home décor and Dollar Bin treats! She is also on a weight loss journey, she has lost over 300 lbs and is still hard at work on that journey,  Pretty Amazing  

How you first got involved
in with blogging?
I decided to begin with a
small blog over on blogspot, to tell the world about my life as a missionary,
and within the last few years I decided to have someone help create my own
website, to document my journey and memories!
What do you find most
challenging about blogging about your topic?
Well my blog is unique, I
don’t post as often as I probably should, but when
I do post on my blog I am able to catch people up on what’s been happening in life.  I don’t actually have specific
topics that I work on, and I am trying to actually come up with more specific
things I can post more regularly on about being an inner city missionary and
living intentionally.
What do you do when you
aren’t working on your blog?
 You can find me most days
in front of my house with a bucket of sidewalk chalk, in the kitchen teaching
the neighborhood kids about eating healthy and cooking or hanging out with the
older kids talking about life!
Everyone has a favorite/least favorite
post. Name yours and why?
The hardest posts for me to write are when
tragedy strikes in my neighborhood, a child dies, a shooting affects my kiddos,
or when a girl Ive formed a relationship on the streets dies. It’s just hard
 Name some of the bloggers whom you
look up to and why?
 I love
Lindsey over at Pursuit of Pink, Aunie at Aunie Sauce, Alissa at Diary of an
Addict and Erin and Living in Yellow, each of these women have been such a part
of my blogging world (as little as my presence in the blogging world might be)
their encouragement and examples have been HUGE in my life both personally AND
blogging world.
 If someone was interested in blogging,
what would be a few things you would suggest?
Write when you want and
what you want to write about don’t allow others to dictate
your blog! Also follow your heart and make your blog personal, I think one of
the reasons I love my blog is that it’s personal it’s mine and I don’t allow others to dictate
my blog.
An article is written
about you on the front page of the paper, What is the headline???
Girl from Kansas moves to Inner City Baltimore, to give hope to local families!

Colleen has decided to share a special treat with all of you, She wants to give away a few of her favorite things, A journal, A Starbucks Gift Card, some candies and some other special treats.

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