Loving Life after 50

My Easter Weekend in Review

This weekend Kent and I went to Saint John to see my family, I am embarrassed to admit it has been 18 months since I last went home…. no-one should wait that long in between visits, my only excuse is both are families are at opposite ends of the country so you do have to try and balance things out.  Saint John is about a twelve hour drive but this time the weather was perfect so the drive was great. ( and I finished my scarf but that is a whole other story involving being almost finished and the whole thing sliding off the needle, ya cannot pick stiches back up when working with Boa yard, argggg)
This was not a good food weekend and by that I mean it was a great food weekend where I enoyed all my Atlantic favourites ( except Dulse, sad face) Pizza Delight, Deluxe, Coras and Brown Bread… and I brought 4 loaves back with me to savour over the next few months.
Next best to visiting all my family, I got a new camera so todays post is picture heavy, I will use my pictures to show you my weekend.
My baby
 Sunshine finally
  I love doors
  and old Houses

  and old buildings
  and Beer ( Moosehead Beer)
 Tavern Signs
  and Grumpy Cats named Jade
 and more Jade
 My Home Town

Easter Egg Hunts
 Chevron Plates and Peeps

 Chocolate Banana Easter Desserts

 Easter Dinner with Nana and Mom ( and Andrea…)
 My Nana is pretty spry for 94
 Martello Tower

A View of the City
The Saint John River

 Shots from my Mom

Travel clothes consist of Boyfriend Jeans, T Shirt and Boyfriend Cardigan with my Chucks, as basis as it gets.