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Charlie, Foxtrot or Juliette

 Are you scratching your head yet, hmmm, Charlie – affirmative,  Foxtrot- I am disabled or Juliette- I am on fire,  the three meaning behind the yellow and navy Nautical flags.  Today I think I will go with Juliette LOL.
I love yellow and navy together and throw in a few stripes and anchors and you have one happy little chicky…I know you have seen this dress a few times already but as much as I hoard all my clothes and have way to many closets I find when I first buy something I wear it to death,
Dress and blouse are both from Old Navy and the dress was a steal of a deal. 15.00.  Shoes are Shoe Dazzle.  Stuck with neon earrings as I could not find a necklace that I liked this morning .

Switching gears a little bit, can I tell you I love blogging but I hate it…… so what the heck is she talking about right, way to early in my blogging life to feel this love/hate thing.  Well I love blogging and I love planning, and keeping stats and many other things but I hate anything technical…. I have spent the last two nights trying to get my blog moved over to my domain… ( is that how you say that hmmmm) I swear I have been following the blogger instructions exactly the way they are outlined but I still cannot get ALABOUROFLIFE.com to link with my account.  This is very frustrating…

Then there are the fun things I want to do like how to I get the several links at the top of my blog page to work they way I want them to, I want a Tab that says Fashion and I want someone to be able to click on that and see all my OOTD posts,  do ya think I can figure it out, NOPE.  Thought creating a page would work and then realized after mu first month of positing outfits that a Page post does not show as a post at all on my main page arggggggggggg.  Probably the first thing I should be doing is learning the proper lingo right…. and then how many of you have just said to yourself well hire a designer you moron…. come’on raise your hand, that is what you were thinking isn’t it???? Well I am not quite there yet folks. Designing is $’s and to date my $’s have been focused on ads….

Then I ask myself is a blog design not just as valuable??? I mean seriously, I found the Samantha Life and purchased ad space there because I saw Erin post about the design she just created, so why would I be so hesitant?? Because I really am a Moron when it comes to spending money??
Thoughts people,  when is the right time to invest in your blog with a professional design??

Maybe I should have written this so very Random post yesterday, nautical lessons, outfits, blog designs, blog ads…. oh yea and let’s throw in I am wearing a grin this big because this time next week I will be in Orlando for 10 glorious days.
So on that positive thought, Have a wonderfully, awesome, random Thursday.

This is how I manage to save my heels and keep my shoes forever………………………

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For Throw back Thursday:
My first official Outfit post last November when I finally figured out posting on a “Page” was not working.
My how things have changed.

  • those shoes!!!

  • You look adorable in bright yellow as I have told you before That dress is great. I am currently eyeing a Yellow Dress too. There are 2 styles I love, one like a sleeveless sheath and the other one a short-sleeve sheath. They are both a little MOD. Ahhh. What I am truly loving is that anchor button-down (I want one). And both of your shoes are awesome, too.

    Wishing you a Fantastic Weekend. <3 Ada.

  • Your outfit is amazing!! I love love that yellow dress! I need =)
    I am hosting a linkup and would love for you to stop by!

  • First of all, what a great button up! And second of all, the page/fashion tab thing took me a bit to figure out too. I think what I ended up doing was labeling all outfit or fashion related posts with the label 'fashion'. Then I didn't create an actual page, but rather a button that links to all posts labeled with fashion if that makes sense. Hope it helps!

  • Hmm what are you using to attempt to switch over your domain? I use godaddy and I believe Erin (http://www.happily-obsessed.com/) does as well. She just did hers and worked out a bunch of kinks so she may be able to help you!