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How Blogging affects Style & Confidence

It is somewhat mind boggling to realize that writing a few little stories and taking a few ok a lot of selfies can improve your confidence and adapt your style.  I find that the more I blog the more confident I get at taking pictures and changing up my style.  Today the sun was shining and the temperature is starting to warm up so I wanted to wear a floral dress ( picked up this baby last week at Target for 10.00, can’t wait to show off the awesome back, when i don’t need a sweater) Normally I would wear this with a pair of regular plain jane pumps ( maybe pink or nude) or maybe a cute little flat, but today I found myself reaching for the mesh vibrant blue booties I had purchased from shoedazzle.
It’s fun trying to mix a little flash with a little floral, blogging gives you the freedom to try the unusual, chambray with a maxi, leather and lace, Floral and studs,  you never know what combination will strike your fancy and spark the interest of others.  
Good Lord, I have actually even found myself taking pictures in the driveway ( of myself) with the neighbours walking by, inside I still cringe a little but outwardly I just smile and wave ( and then run with my tripod to the backyard. ( OK not totally confident yet)

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Had an awesome weekend, the boys show was fantastic, the perfect end to their tour. I videotaped the whole thing and it is on my youtube account if you have a craving to discover some awesome new music plus I took over 200 pictures, so whattttttt yep little snap happy I was.  Then I spent the day, editing, cropping and generally ” Pic monkeying” them.

A few of my favs to whet your appetite.
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  • You have every reason to be confident! Looking very springy and chic (MAAHHHVELOUS dress and little mesh booties! They make the outfit way more than a little floral dress.) and you're doing great things with your photos. Excellent post … and you must be very proud of the boys!

    • Thanks, we are very proud of the boys. TY on the photos also took some time but I finally figured out the sizing and some ok poses.
      The dress was a random fine and I really liked it with the booties,

  • My OOTD selfies led me to start my full blog and def helped evolve my style. I can definitely relate! I don't think I will ever be comfy taking pics around strangers, but that's ok!
    This floral dress is perfect on you! I really love it!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  • It's great how blogging has made you more confident, you look amazing in the dress 🙂

    x leah symonne x


  • I enjoy reading your blog,can't wait for more !