Loving Life after 50

I’m a Whopper of a Shopper

Ten Glorious days of vacation in beautiful Florida, sun, amusement parks and of course Premium Outlet Shopping at all my favourite Stores. I was a bad blogger last week ( a fact I already confessed too) and I now need to atone for my sins ( LOL) or at least justify why I was to busy to blog and to let you know it will all be worth it when I start wearing all of these fabulous finds… 
I will warn you this is photo heavy ( as usual) but I want to share little glimpses of what I found.
Meeko is impressed with my Forever 21 finds: Floral Dress, pearl necklace, T Shirt and Scarf Pants 
( with tube top) and Shanna gets credit for this as I am no question copying her, 2 pairs of bike shorts
 ( for under my dresses and skirts cuz I am weird like that) a plaid tank and I striped Maxi skirt, 3 pairs of sunglasses and lots of little earrings.
Many of you probably saw this on Shanna and I hope I do it justice but I loved this outfit…just wish I could have found the other pants as well, so if anyone finds these in small please pick them up for me, I’ll love you forever and ever…

I swear I saw this plaid/stripe combo on someone but I realized that after I made the purchase, awesome deals here for under 10.00 each. ( Thought I saw this on Because of Jackie cuz it seems like a Megan outfit but I could not find it on her site, so if I saw this on your’s forgive me and let me know it was you).

I love this floral dress, so spring/summery and it gave me an excuse to buy yet another statement necklace.

Three count em three pairs of awesome glasses, I was going to go high end with Coach or MK but then I saw that Forever 21 sells these babies for under 6.00 so damn how can a girl resist…………..

and I almost forgot this striped Maxi for 10.00, and the Floral maxi also for 10.00,  Forever 21 Where have you been all my life….

Moving to the Gap and awesome Shorts for 50% off the last marked price, Khaki and neon Pink. ( these were 11.00), an awesome neon yellow lace inset tshirt and a navy pocket tank rounded out my purchases and awesome swim trunks for Kent for 10.00

 Michael Kors and this awesome Beige Linen Shirt Dress, still kicking myself for not also picking up the Chambray number.

J Crew Factory, Pinstripe City Pants with a neon stripe, a floral Maxi Dress and the 10 inch Anchor shorts, all fantastic prices and 40% off the lowest marked price.

Kate Spade and although many of you saw the awesome White Beau Bag and my phone case you may not have seen the yellow and white clutch I also found the next day. ( phone case not in picture nor is the Coach Umbrella, instagram shot from last week though)

My Converse, found in the kids section for 26.00 debated white or black…. I do have white ones but they are not shiny new white like everyone else’s because I have had mine for 8 years ( so obviously a good investment piece), saw these black double tongue ones and went what the heck, they screamed my name

Target had these sandals on sale for under 10.00, looked at them in Canada at full price and did not commit then but for less than 10.00 I could not say no….
 Banana Republic, Dresses for under 35.00, T Shirt for 12.00 and a aqua blouse for a very low price ( Plus Linen Pants and shirts for Kent)

{Please excuse the packing wrinkles}

Wet Seal and some fun accessories for 40% off

Kents Purchases.

Plus he got some great Nautica swim trunks not seen here.
and then who can resist a few great American Party Accessories that I will save for July 4th and Bluesfest.  LIke to make sure the American Bands don’t feel like they are missing their hometown celebrations.

 Does anyone else demonstrate such a lack of will power while shopping on vacation????