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IMPRESS Manicure

Kind of cool, received my first voxbox, ironically my excitement was tempered with irony, I received press on nails.  Why is that ironic you ask, well I have great nails and they are all my own.. Now I am never one to be a glass half empty person , I embraced the opportunity to try them anyway.

This my manicure ( self done) from last week .
Broadway Nails has a new ” ImPress Manicure” line, press on nails that have an adhesive on the back,  no glue required. I received ” Hottie” and Evil Queen.

Tried these tonight for the first time and I am impressed, the ease of attaching the nails, the matching of size and the fact that they actually fit ( one small down side is my thumb nails are a smidgen longer so now I have a small gap.

I love the fact that there was no nail polish smell in the house ( so did Kent) and no wait time, just press and go. I have heard they will last between 2 days and one week, so stay tuned)

I think they look pretty amazing and I am anxious to try out the second set Evil Queen.

 I received  an Influencester VoxBox.I was provided a free sample however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Broadway Nails and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.