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It is not coming up Daisies

A Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day.

So how very sad and pathetic do you find the arrangement on the right??? Yea me too,  if I wanted my mom and Nana to receive a bouquet like this I would have sent my 18 month old nephew out to the garden to pick some wildflowers….. For the record that lovely little bouquet on the right cost $50.00 to be delivered so please Lord forgive me for wanting to shout from the rooftops how pissed off I am.  
I think Teleflora needs to screen better whom their affiliates are, and to top it off why the heck they choose a Florist outside of the city instead of one down the street from my parents house,  hmmm cannot figure that one out at all, so bottom line I will now just call the local florist directly.  On a positive note, if you can take anything positive from this experience,  my Mom and my Nana both got the same pathetic arrangement so there was no discrimination involved regarding pecking order… , now I need to figure out if my Mother in law’s flowers,  on the other side of the country were just as bad, and then we will have the Tri-Fecta of a failure.
So enough about the epic fail of my flowers, at least the weekend was beautiful, sun shining, warm breezes gale force winds, Ok, the temperature was nice but it was a tad windy.  Did not matter, we were able to sit outside on the Patio and eat bar b que on Saturday, and then Sunday we spent the day arranging and rearranging patio furniture and then soaking in the hot tub, so nice to get in an out of the tub and not freeze our little tails off.
Start of the very short work week for me,  I will spend today interviewing candidates for a position in our office and then tomorrow morning a visit to the Senate for a presentation and then flying off into the wild blue yonder, ( yea that is what I am calling Orlando, LOL). Ten (10) glorious days in Orlando, basking in the sun, riding on rollercoasters, shopping at outlet malls, it’s like heaven….. 
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to Busch Gardens and riding the coasters, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our roller coasters.  
 and then the outlets, I can hear them calling my name, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, J Crew, Banana Republic, Nine West…….all of my favourite stores
and lets not forget
I know, It’s like Heaven…….. 10 glorious days of heaven. 
But for today I am working, and making lists of what I need to get done, like packing, and getting american money, and packing, and taking care of the house and kitty cat and did I mention packing, Holy man oh man I have not even started that yet.  That will probably make a great post, how to pack for 10 days in the sun quickly and without thought or intent,  I will probably draft that baby up on the plane tomorrow night.
Today a few random outfit shoots..and yes I know the sun is not in the best position to provide the best lighting but for today give this ole Canadian Gal a break because the sun is shining and I can be outside with no jacket, or tights, or boots at 7:00 in the morning so…… 
This Dress was purchased at Joe Fresh, two years ago for $15.00, I never ever thought I would be advertising the fact that I purchased a dress at a Grocery Store but hey, it is what it is, and Joe Fresh has been killing it lately. Sweater is my Banana Republic deal. Shoes from Shoe Dazzle and Purse by Coach ( I have so many handbags, I really need to start incorporating them into the outfit shots)

and a summer manicure to start the trip out right.

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  • That sucks about the flowers! I hate it when that kind of things happens – it ALWAYS happens when I use pro-flowers. BY THE WAY, that color in the dress you are wearing is your color!

  • I love this printed dress on you! So pretty! Hope you enjoy your vacation in FL!

  • Have fun in Orlando :))

  • OMG, I'd be furious about the flowers. I hope you upload these pictures and write some online reviews. Ifg there's a flower version of the site cake wrecks this is where these belong. I hope with all the ladies it was the thought that counted.

    • I am still spitting over it and a lengthy review and a complaint will be done. Mom and nana were still thrilled regardless.

  • That has happened to me before with flowers – so frustrating! Have a fun vacation!

  • OMG the flowers really the company has no shame and for Mother's Day? Any way positive thoughts, love your outfit. x

  • Wow! I can't believe they delivered that! But, I hope you have a great time in Florida. Your outfit is so pretty!

  • That's terrible about the flowers! That's not even close to the same! Ugh. On a positive note, love that dress on you. Gorgeous.

  • Oh my goodness! Those flowers are NOT what you paid for! I hope you get some money back or something!!

  • Oh my gosh, that happened with my husband's momma's day bouquet…what's up with that! I still appreciate the thought though!