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On Fridays we Wear Red and A Nature Lesson

Happy Friday,  it’s the weekend and I will confess I wanted nothing more then to remain in bed and sleep.. The week back to work after a ten(10) day vacation is always the pits but add to that a start time change and wholly hannah I am beat.  In the Summer we start at 8:00 so we can finish at 4:00 to get home and enjoy the backyard/pool/deck/bar, OK actually mostly the bar on our deck.

Before I move to my glamourous photo shoot, I wanted to talk about nature.  For those of you who do not like to listen to the dire warnings put out by the government at times just a little warning……they may be right… ( and I am not just quoting lyrics to an awesome song,  I am serious.

In Ottawa the Canada Food Inspection Agency posted a warning about the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, what a horrid nasty little bug.

Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native, highly destructive wood-boring beetle that feeds under the bark of ash trees. All species of ash are susceptible to attack, except mountain ash, which is not a true ash species. Since it was first identified in Michigan in 2002, EAB has killed millions of ash trees in Ontario and many parts of the United States. It poses a major economic and environmental threat to urban and forested areas. It was confirmed in Ottawa in 2008 and its impacts can be clearly seen spreading from the St. Laurent area. Since the insect spends most of its lifecycle under the bark of trees, it can be easily moved with firewood or other tree materials such as nursery stock, logs, brush and larger wood chips. This insect is able to fly, but since its spread has been primarily along major highways and transport routes, it is clear that humans are the main vector of dispersal.

Well to illustrate the devasting effects on my walk last night in the beautiful park that backs onto my yard I saw this:  All of the trees are marked with big red x’es because they are dead or dying.

This is behind my house, we are goiing to lose all our trees and that makes me very sad,  I loved sitting in my backyard ad looking up, made one feel like we lived in the forest but with all of the city conveniences…

Every friggin tree in my back is marked with a double x, none of them have any bark left and although I give the city of Ottawa kudo’s for replanting new babies ( or toddlers) those 4 feet Saplings will be a long time before they provide the Woodsy effect… so people pay attention to the warnings , they are REAL..
This was 2011 ( and yes we play Bocchi in the Back)

2013, there was a difference, the beetle was making its appearance.
So enough of the depressing facts and information….
So my foray into the park last night, had me thinking, why am I using the front driveway for pictures??? Why am I not using this beautiful greenspace,  so I rant outside in the dewy grass this morning and tried a hurried photo shoot,  I think I am going to like this space for pictures.
Outfit inspiration from Shanna, and although I am not quite as relaxed in front of the camera as she always seems to be ( so damn good isn’t she) I hope I do not ” shame” her with my copy cat look. 
Shirt, strapless shirt under and Pants are all from Forever 21, Sandals are really old but totally perfect for this outfit ( from Winners) Bag from Coach and sunglasses from Forever 21. ( best, best news of all, pants are a small and I think if they had of had a x-small it would have been perfect, shirts are mediums though, and I am 5’4″ and the length was perfect even with flats)
( and oh yea on fridays we were red to show our respect and support for the men and women in the military)


Tried a few shots with sunglasses but they looked really bad,  maybe next time, and although I loved this little bag, I did not like it for today at all…..

Little inspiration to take this outfit, from Work, to a lunch and maybe out afterwards.
  • How devastating to lose the view of those beautiful trees–and all they offer! I'm glad the city is planting new ones but they're going to take a long time to grow up. I do like nature as a backdrop. Great idea! And on a positive note, your wide pants are terrific! Love the pattern and how they flow. Perfect for summer.

  • Aw I'm sorry about your trees, that's really too bad! I'm glad you'll get new ones though.

  • Oh oh about the trees. I love this 3 ways thang you got going here. Have a grand weekend, k? Thanks so much for being at *FiF* again and again. Love it!!! ♥, Renae

  • Sorry about the trees! Glad to hear they are planting new ones. LOVE those pants! Very boho chic! xo Andrea
    Boho Bunnie