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Queen of Giveaways, and that means 3

Holy Mackerel, to bring back a quote/phrase/saying from my childhood… and good heavens what exactly does a holy mackerel look like anyway.  I don’t think I want to know, regardless in my mind this is what iI imagine.

Well I am not sure how it happened,  me list maker extraordinaire, little miss organizer is now participating in three, count em three giveaways this week,  SAY WHAT….. yea 100.00 to Target giveaway, a beautiful Thirty One Tote and wait for this one,  a month long 500.00 Target Gift Card ( posting tonight) and I am cohosting the Bloglovin Blog Hop with Happy Kids.  So being the obvious over achiever that I am I feel the need to invite you to participate in all of this glorious madness that is me this week.  Good luck with the giveaways and fingers crossed that one of my peeps is the awesome winner right.

So yesterday, let me just recap the spontaneous trip to Toronto to watch our boys play at the Horseshoe, an iconic bar in the big city and boy did they kill it.Some nasty weather and a lot of fog but some happy to see us boys made it all worthwhile.

 Awesome review on Naked on Bloor Street and some sweet pics. Thanks Morgan       
   The world needs more Keyboards

and did I mention that i took like a zillion and a half plus video, check out my personally facebook if you ever just want to see what this group is up to and my gazillion shoots.

and to top it off, a band on tour with no place to stay so yea this was my room yesterday morning. ( we did try to book them a room as a treat but the hotel was sold out)

So tons of giveaways, a great concert, the boys and the band hitting Ottawa by early morning tomorrow for an Ottawa Show,  one could almost forget that it has been raining for three days straight and is expected to rain for at least three more.  Good Lord Mr Ford ( and boy does that saying have a whole different meaning here in Canada LOL), I just want spring and sun and warmth.  I want to sit in my backyard, on my patio furniture and gaze lovingly at the pool and bar with a frosty drink in hand, IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!

Today is a floral, nautical theme, got your attention with that one didn’t I??? Its what do you get when you mix navy stripes with splashes of Floral?? and all displayed on an awesome blouse.  Picked this baby up for another steal of a deal last summer from Ricki’s along with the 11.00 Blazer also from Ricki’s. Pants are Vanheusen and shoes Shoe Dazzle. Necklace from Posh Little K.  Outer wear, wearing my Native Shoes
( rubber baby) Old Navy Trench and my awesome slouch bag that I purchased Poolside in Florida..

and because I was on a picmoney photo editing kick from the Toronto pictures and resizing these pictures I thought I would try a bit of facial editing…

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oh yeah and as an added stresser I was the holder of the Blog Baton on Tuesday so I had to be careful what I was posting so as to not give any hints.