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Spring Flowers and an Outfit Shoot gone wrong

I love flowers on my table, the brighter the bouquet the better.  I am not a roses girl, I am a peonies, daisys, carnations…. kind of girl, and I am a COLOUR girl, my favourite combination is the lime green and pink bouquets I find at my grocery store.  I am not a fan however of stems in the vase and how the water ends up looking so I add food colouring to the water.Anyone else do quirky things like that????

Last night we finally, finally removed the pool cover and have begun the process of topping it up and cleaning it out,  It is amazing how much prettier the yard is with a sea of Blue instead of a big black tarp.  Just seeing the liner cover as I glance outside has me thinking just maybe the winter is over. ( an look green grass and tiny buds on trees,  Dear Spring this time last year you were 35 degrees, why are you so fickle??

The sun was shining and I really wanted some outdoor pictures, but this is an occassion that you should never rush and never, ever expect that you can get away with taking 8 pictures and manage to get some decent shoots.Was this not like a total EPIC FAIL…..


So few quick shoots in the office and I think you can get a better idea of my outfit today.  I saw Erin wearing a perfect high low dress in an April post and I decided I really wanted one. I have to agree with her, it seems like the perfect go to for the summer. Then Old Navy once again came through and I found this baby on sale. ( actually I could not find it in the store but I ordered it on line on Sunday the 13th and it was on my doorstep on the morning of the 15th, friggin awesome service and 15.00 for the Dress)  .  and then this Kimino,  well I am a little late to the party but this was one of those bonus finds last week at Target for $11.97,  I know, RIGHT…..  the Shoes, well Old Navy Again for the win,( similar here) not only are they perfect, shiny shoes but zero break in requirements, these are unbelievably comfy.  Grand Total today 48.00 ( shoes were 21.00) ( necklaces remember gift from MOM)

 I am so so so ready for spring ( but wanna hear now how friggin cold the office is… hate to complain but why oh why do office buildings have such a hard time regulating the temperature.

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