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10 Burning/Embarrassing Blog Quesions

It is a strange world this blogging empire,  everyone is full of suggestions and demonstrates a true commitment to helping a fellow blogger but there are still some unanswered questions for newbies,  maybe even for the Pro’s, they just bluff their way through better.
( and a random OOTD to reassure you I am still outfit obsessed)

                                                                                           Oxfords ( Shoe Dazzle OLD)

On a serious note peeps do you not all have questions that you are afraid to ask,  maybe you are embarrassed, maybe you think duhhhh that is way to obvious or well I am not sure but I don’t want to seem stupid???? I am full of questions, and its not like I have not been provided an opportunity to ask, I just sometimes hold back just because…..

There are the obvious big questions out there that if you google them you will find 1001 answers and who knows maybe one or two are actually correct but there are other questions that i have that I google and NOTHING, NATTA, Zilch. but maybe I am the only one with that question. I find myself typing an email to someone to ask and then nope delete,  I don’t want that person thinking I am a moron. Yu know that saying ” There is no such thing as a stupid question”?? Well its not true there are tons of stupid questions, people just use that expression to get you to open up but inside truly they are just cringing….. ok maybe not cringing sometimes they are laughing and other times they think hmmm good question.

Asking questions takes bravery or stupidity, are you brave enough to open your mouth and risk ridicule or scorn or on the flip side are you just that silly or pay absolutely no attention and ask the question that has just been answered. You know what I am talking about, we have all been in that room, where that person asks the question that has just been answered, and yes we have all groaned and shaken our heads am I right??? The fear of being that person is what most times stps us from asking the question, or the fear of the question coming off badly.

So in this big ole blogging world  where I have never experienced any negative reaction to any question I have asked I still find myself today afraid to ask a question, WHY, well mostly because I think my question may be really stupid, like come on Linda can you not read that paragraph and understand what it says???? or it may seem self serving and then you will shake your head and go What kind of person is she anyway???
or many other multitude of reasons.

Blogging questions are numerous, there are the ones everyone asks that no one really has an answer for
1) How do you become successful
2) How did you get your followers
3) Is it to early to offer sponsorships, what is the proper price point?
4)Does your spouse really know how much you spend on this hobby?? ( Ok maybe that is not one everyone asks but just throwing it out there for honesty sake LOL)
5) Did they really wear that??

People cannot honestly tell you why others started following them or how that one post sparked the interest that attracted the attention of the nation, they can provide some ideas and tell you what they have been doing but there really is not any magic formula, not one I have found anyway.  Yes good content, even great content is important but it does not necessarily make you ” famous”, great pictures and by great I do not mean you need to be a professional but the picture has to be one that causes a reaction
Getting followers can be easy, keeping followers not so much.  It is true you can go out and buy followers but that does not mean you will keep them or they will ever come back, truly ask yourself every time a follower leaves do you not ask yourself the why?? What could you have changed to make them stay, but then again if you changed would that possibly not cause someone else to leave?? I cannot respond for you but I can tell you personally, it cuts me when I lose a follower and because of that I will not unfollow you, unless you are a psycho killer or start posting really bad stuff ( and by bad I mean offensive).

Sponsorships and pricing are individual but I think the best thing you can do is look for those in the same blogosphere as you and see what they are doing, are they offering sponsorships and have people taking them up on their offer,  well maybe you can email them and ask the question.

So back to my top 10 questions people may be afraid t ask, or at least that I have always been afraid to ask

1) Can you participate in a giveaway that you are part of??? Example, I was a sponsor on a site that was giving away an awesome friggin camera, if I am one of 20 ” sponsors” am I ineligible to participate?? or is only the person holding the Giveaway ineligible?? I really would like to hear some comments on this one people, I am torn, I trust me I can not  find an answer in any etiquette or rule site.

2) If you win a prize and it never shows up, is it OK to call out that person or do you report back to the host or do you just let it go???  I won a blog design six months ago and i am still waiting for it,  hmmm, well I am no longer waiting for it but I was so new when I won I never followed through with the host and maybe I should have.

3) How the heck do you get your blogger account forwarded to another domain??? and I probably am not even saying that correctly but I am telling you the instructions are GREEK, and I bet a lot of you feel the same way???

4) When is it appropriate to start sending out a media kit??  Originally one of my questions was What the heck is  Media kit, but thanks to Helene I am good with that one.

5) Honest to god my next question was about ” SEO” and good friggin lord when i hopped over to Helene’s site today she has posted about SEO‘s the girl can read my mind, so hopefully she will be able to answer 1 through 3 for me as well

6) When is it creepy and or OK to send emails to a blogger that you like??? I mean seriously there are bloggers that I really like and I think it would be cool to say hi but something always holds me back like maybe I am old enough to be your mother or eeeks older than your mother, or maybe in my eyes you are like a blogging goddess and I figure you get tons of requests, how do you know that you are not a creepazoid if you are going to be in someone’s neck of the woods and would like to get together to say hi, or drink wine, or have a beer???

7) How much is to much to spend on your blog, in money and time?? I know this is a judgement one that everyone will feel differently about but sometimes you just wanna ask,  how much do YOU spend each month??

8) How the heck did that person get all those perks ( and that one I cannot ask because I do not have a social disorder and would not get away with being that rude) buttttt I sometimes want to ask how did that person with that really bad blogging design get offered so many perks  especially when I do not find the content and/or pictures appealing, so like I said there is no magic formula but sometimes the question pops in my head.

9) Where did so and so go???? Really its a burning question that I need to ask but I find myself embarrassed to,  like maybe they did not disappear they just blocked me or something and that would be a tad bit upsetting.  Sometimes I understand a blogger puts up a little note,  life is to busy,  I am fed up, I insert any reason here and that’s Ok cuz then I don’t worry that something really bad happened but there are those that one day a post and then next day they are gone…… sometimes the blog is there still just no new pots and sometimes the message this is now a private blog… so i guess my real question is-  If a blog is now private does that mean you are blocked or that everyone except those given a special invite are blocked???  If I get this:

This blog is open to invited readers only

is that an indication that I am a bad person or that a bad person caused someone to revert into a privacy shell????
10) Do bloggers link to their clothing items because it is helpful to me or because they are affiliated or being paid and how do I know, or how do I actually benefit???  And shouldn’t I know this?? but I do not.
There ya have it people the 10 burning questions on my mind this fine rainy Thursday
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  • Classy look, love it! ok here's my answers:
    (1) Depends on the host. Some of those huge giveaways (is canon sponsoring the camera giveaway?) they tell you no. On mine, I say no because I feel like you're getting the benefit of the page views and followers, therefore you shouldn't also get the benefit of the prize. Some giant giveaways say it's okay though!
    (2) Follow through with the host. I send stuff regular mail, so no tracking number. If they didn't get it, I'd happily replace it!
    (6) Send the email. I personally love getting emails like that! Just put yourself out there 🙂
    (7) I only spend $ that the blog brings in – money from sponsors, virtual assisting, etc, goes back into the blog. If I don't make money one month, I don't sponsor anyone! As far as time, I try to be efficient. Couple hours a day? I don't know for sure, I should time it.
    (9) It's not just you, it means they closed their blog!
    (10) It's illegal for them not to tell you it's an affiliate link, but some just don't care! if the link goes straight to nordstroms.com, it's not. If you hover over it and it says 'rstyle.me' or something like that and not the store name, it's a sponsor link and they profit if you click it.

    • awesome and thanks, my gut was telling me that on giveaways but sometimes ya think gee I would really like that LOL.

  • I love your shoes! That's what brought me to your post. So many questions!

    I agree with Stephanie on number 1. If someone running the giveaway wins the prize, I would think it was rigged or unfair. I also agree with Stephanie that you should follow up on your missing prize. I also would like to know how people get free stuff/perks. I'm trying really hard not to increase my spending because of blogging. I do spend wayyy too much time doing blog related stuff though…

    I found your post through the Penniless Socialite link up.


    • Thanks Jess and the shoes I just got from Shoe Dazzle ( for an amazing price and no they do not pay nor sponsor, I wish).

  • First off… I love the pearls!

    I'm pretty sure I'm just bumbling along, but I try to apply common sense and professional experience in PR to my own blog. I do not have answers to all of your questions but hopefully you'll get a ton of responses!

    2. Definitely reach out to the giveaway host if you don't get something you've won. It doesn't hurt to give it a couple of weeks, but the host will go to bat for you… at least if the host is me. I've contacted companies and asked them what the holdup on prize fulfillment is.
    6. It's not creepy, send them an email or tweet them! I hesitated to reach out to other bloggers for awhile then I sucked it up and offered a guest post idea to a couple and they loved it!
    8. Bloggers (good or bad) will often paper the web with emails to PR folks. I did one blogger outreach campaign and ton of people wanted to get a product sample. Lesser PR folks don't vet them. It can't hurt to ask though.
    9. I hate it when a blogger promotes private posts or their private blog! It typically means they have something going on that they don't want public and only invite a few people to see the content. Not personal at all!

    • Thank you for the insightful comments, sometimes I think we talk ourselves out of to much, getting reinforcement to my thoughts helps

  • JL

    I love your shoes and the fact that you just put all your questions out there! I'm too new myself answer any of them, but I appreciate the fact you asked them! You really cracked me up about not having a social disorder. 🙂


    • learn from my mistakes, do not be afraid to ak questions.

  • Ha. Maybe I will answer all of these great questions on a private email. Great insightful post though. You look lovely too. Great necklace and shoes.

    • Thanks, felt like a questioning kind of day today

  • Maaaan you asked some good ones.

    Off the cuff quick answers:

    (1) Ask the blogger hosting – they should know the answer, I typically don't though.
    (2) Yes, yes, yes. It's total BS if they don't follow through and you need to let the blogger know that hosted the giveaway.
    (3) I paid for this because I was too lazy to try and figure it out. It was $20 or $25 – email me and I will give my contact. She is/was the bomb.
    (4) Whenever you want! If there is a product I want to review, I email the vendor and ask about it.
    (5) Have no idea!! However, like you mentioned HIB posted about it today. I am bookmarking it for future reference.
    (6) DO IT!! I always love getting emails.
    (7) I don't know, I ask myself that same question.
    (8) They ask for them! OR they join things like weave media, pollinate, voxbox, etc.
    (9) YES!! Karly Kim went MIA and I just LOVED her blog. It was a sad day when I got that same message you were getting.
    (10) All of the above. Check out reward style for the affiliate links.

    • LOL and it was KK I was referring too. One day she was just gone ( and it was after someone made some personal remarks so me being so paranoid worried that something bad happened I hope she just got tired of this, Thanks for the reassurance and I would love the email contact. Too funny I almost emailed you to see if you could do this.