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A Day in My Life.

Last week I drafted a 9-5 post that did not seem to fit the link up, so thought I would save it for a rainy day. Taking you through a day in the life of.

What’s my 9 to 5, well actually mine is really an 8 to 4 at least in the summer. Yea 8-4 but only because I am on a compressed schedule which allows me to work extra time so I get an extra day off. I work and extra half hour each day and get a day off every three weeks, pretty awesome if ya ask me.  I have a 35 hour work week which equals a 7 hour day, I am very fortunate and that is how I manage to post when I post and blog when I blog.  Truly it amazes me how moms do this with work and kids, or even just with kids, how do they find the time. Me no children in the house and very regular schedule for my job ( most times) and even I sometimes feel rushed.  I do volunteer alot and that takes mucho time depending on the time of year. ( Like now scheduling 200 volunteers to work a 10 day music festival can get kind of crazy)

My day… from the humdrum to the fantastic, lets’s see
6:15 Alarm goes off and yes I am one of those people, no I do not jump out of bed are you freakin kidding me…. I would hit that damn thing till 8:00 if I could but I now try and make sure I only hit it twice. ( I fib slightly my day actually starts at 5:45. This happens but I try and ignore her every morning, you would think she would learn to  change her routine but nope, every day,  once I am awake BTW, she curls up and goes to sleep, she wants the bed, not me up.

and as a new PS,  I now have a possessive chipmunk who is threatened by the thought of a baby chipmunk sticking around ( chipmunks are solitary creatures and live alone, and have a 45 m radius,  yea see I know stuff) My little Chip who has been around for 3 years is now chirping at ” intruders”,  ever hear a chipmunk chirp,  unbelievably loud for a little guy. 6:00 A.M. today he was a PO’ed little guy.

6:30 – I do the whole shower, go get tea, come up and hopefully I figured out the whole what to wear the night before but if not, the torture of what the heck do I wear, now complicated by this whole blog thing of, OMG is there a trend today, do I want to play along… or screw it, I feel like jeans today.
Then I run outside snap a few pics with the Iphone as the neighbours look on….and 7:20 ish we are on the road. Will I ever get to the take pictures a few days before stage? I doubt it, the whole point of adding the outfit to my post if for an OOTD.  ( Plus one day I will get the whole dslr figured out and take some real pics LOL) See genius how good i am with IPhone and Tripod, now to get lined up in the darn picture.

7:30 In the Car, Diptic collage to post to instagram and then Kent and I discuss the day, I surf social media on my phone and he yells at the horrid drivers. We have a rule no talking work at home because we do the same job and up until 2 years ago we worked together,  I miss working with him but I love my job so…. drive to and fro is sometimes filled with how bad the people we deal with have been, what stupid decisions did management make, how crazy are our members at times, and sometimes when the heck will the strike be over… oh did I forget to mention that,  we work for the Largest Public Sector Union in Canada. Me, I deal with essential services for 310 bargaining units, meaning I am the one that negotiates who performs essential work during a strike, plus I negotiate managerial exclusions,  yea I know sounds way more than it is

8:00 – 1:00 Work time, monitor my social media accounts, go to meetings, talk on the phone, write reports, review files.. you know all that fun office stuff, plus squeeze in some pic monkey edits, review blog post, link up to all I link up too. Eat at my desk, I know very unhealthy habit but I like to spend my 1/2 hour walking.

 1/2 hour walk around Ottawa

1:30-4:00 – back to the office grind, squeeze in some emails and calls for my volunteer gig, Buesfest is like two weeks away  4 days away (till setup starts) so I am still scrambling for volunteers and praying people will stop changing their schedules so I can get the master schedule done.( This is all because I currently do not have any units on strike so I have a normal day). Make travel arrangements for some work trips, heading to Edmonton and Yellowknife in August.

Head home, stop for groceries for supper

5:00 Kent cooks supper how lucky am I so I uncover and vacuum the pool,

Some evenings I have meetings for the festivals but most times lately, if the weather is bad, we have been having netflix marathons, The WEST WING lately, and I blog, surf and do all things social media related while sitting in the chair in front of the TV. On sunny evenings we hang out by the pool, watch sports,..  Are you dazzled by the brilliance of my existence yet….are ya wishing for my life???

Last night I had a festival meeting at 5:30, for a site tour, did I mention we had torrential downpours?? and yes the tour went on because the festival will go on rain or shine.  Then we went over emergency evacuations plans, just in case, and listened to stupid questions from people that should know better and bam there went 4 hours of my life. Went for drinks at Millstreet after ( microbrewery) and had an awesome beer that has hints of chipotle and lime, can you so OMG, I am hooked. ( sorry no pictures because yea, drenched from the rain.

On a serious note I have it really good, a job I love, hobbies that hold my interest, a guy who makes sure I am fed and taken care of that I love to the moon and back, great stepkids, amazing friends…. but when you boil it all down to a routine it can sound kind of mundane.  I think we need mundane at times to balance off the ” other than mundane”,

Outfit is my J Crew Maxi, Neon Sweater Old Navy and my Shoe Dazzle Mesh Booties, with my walking shoe picture thrown in ( Shoes by Native Shoes)

How I look when i actually head to the office, and forgive the fuzzball, Hair was supposed to be done last night but due to my meeting I had to postpone till Friday, my clips fell out mid photoshoot.

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  • Thanks for linking up, Linda! I love the blue and green together! xo

  • Hello lovely lady
    Love those awesome blue shoes! Your blue springy dress looks so pretty on you. I used to be a teacher, so I would automatically wake up at 5 even of my days off! I can not teach anymore due to my illness, lets just say, I am still dreaming at 5: 45!! You are a busy lady!
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

  • Loved reading this and I much prefer a 8-4 work-day myself than a 9-5 one. That maxi dress is gorgeous and so are BOTH pairs of shoes. I want to steal both shoes. =P

    Hope all is well. Take Care <3 Ada.

    • Thanks Ada, I am a shoe freak but it still surprises me how often I wear a sneaker with a dress lately.

  • Hey Girl!! I love that you shared your schedule AND I love the blue wedges! Would love it if you could link my website to your list at the end as well! Thanks for linking up & see you next week!

    • Sorry I missed that Morgan, fixed it, I Love these wedges

  • Anonymous

    would love to know where you get all the energy, as your mother, I know it is not from you mother's side nor your father's side. He had energy, but always had the after supper nap. Love your blog. Love your outfit, but as I am not a shoe person, they are okay, but what purse did you take.

  • Love this 🙂

  • Love the blue wedges, but I'm also cracking up because of your flag in the back!

  • Thanks for sharing! I have the exact same situation in the morning – I have to hit my snooze button on the alarm at least twice! Oh and your cat is adorable! 🙂