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Best Invention EVER

Flippin through my new copy of People Style Mag last night and I came across the best invention EVER,Bandalettes, I mean seriously, best ever.  Also one of those things you knock yourself on the forehead for and say, WHAT, why didn’t I think of that.
Me, I love wearing skirts and dresses, especially in the spring and summer,  who doesn’t I ask you???? BUT as much as I love dresses, I hate sweaty thighs and rubbing thighs,  can you say ewwww, iccck.  Isn’t that the world’s most awful feeling, sticky thighs.  I always wear cycle shorts underneath my dresses and skirts,  found some awesome ones at American Apparel that I swear I wore to death and then in May found really, really inexpensive ones at Forever 21, so you can guess I have a drawer full of all colours.  I hate that extra layer underneath fitted skirts though and sometimes with a clingy dress you do not want to have that extra waistband that sometimes shows through,  so how happy was I to see the ad in Style mag.
( Please note I am not being paid for this I am just awestruck about a oh so perfect product for me).

Beige 1001 SALE

Today I am bucking a few trends, my instagram feed has been filled with Blue Denim Jackets with dresses,  everyone wearing white converse sneakers, and maxi’s don’t get me started… ( well actually considering the fact that I have like 7 maxis, I am probably filling your feed up, sorry about that).
My white converse are no longer white but they are 8 years old so I can be forgiven I guess.  While in Florida I decided I wanted new converse, well normally I would have gone white but then I found a pair of black ones, in the kids section on sale and i fell in love, so call me crazy but I am not following the white trend this year LOL.
Denim Jackets, well I will confess I have been wearing my denim jacket with dresses and skirts all season as well but this morning i remembered I bought the most awesome white denim Jacket last year at Old Navy ( again on a Florida trip hmmm kindof like that state)  

So my outfit planning last night was yep, Black converse, denim jacket ( changed to white this morning) and my black maxi and then I saw Julianne Hough is Style watch and thought awesome,  how often am I walking around holding up the maxi, so knot it and then it is a brand new dress. 

Converse from Converse Outlet Store in Orlando, Maxi,  Gift from Carly Lou, Jacket Old Navy and necklace Posh Little K
So ontrend but to the left, that is what I am calling this, and OBW the first outfit shoot of the week that I have been happy with. 

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  • Knotting my maxi was one of the best discoveries I've ever made. Especially when you want to have both hands free!

    • so much easier to knot then to hold, and why did we not figure this out sooner

  • Great idea! hey Linda, it has been forever since I have felt well enough to get to everyone. It has been a long time. This idea of knotting a maxi is probably something I will definitely do {if and when I get a maxi} I have avoided them because long skirts have ALWAYS tripped me, always. hmmmmmmmmm, now may reconsider. Thanks for being here at "Fashion item Friday" {*FiF*} again! Yay! ♥

    • Thinking of you lots, hope you are soon to take an upward swing on everything, knotting a maxi is genius, wish I had thought of it.