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Canada Day Deco Wreath

Deco mesh has fast become my most favourite crafting supply, seriously folks I have created wreaths for every season and holiday in a very short period of time, without spending a ton of money.
If you review my previous craft posts you will see wreaths for each and every season both inside and outside my house. 

There are two easy ways to begin,  my indoor wreath is an actual “greenery” wreath, which allows you to have a very full wreath or you can use a ” wreath Frame” like I have below.

Supplies, I am always on the lookout for decomesh sales,  so case in point above I purchased the roll of white decomesh back in March.  Michael s has a sale on 40% off the 16.99 regularly, 40% off hmmm no brainer and the white can be used for many occassions , so dual purpose.  The roll of Red well that is a roll purchased for Christmas,  I undecorate and re-roll each season and again this was purchased in October when I was preplanning in my head.  Pipe-cleaners,  Dollarama and the flags this time it was Michaels but any Dollar Store usually has a great supply ( Hint buy flags now because come close to July 1st they become very tough to find. Wreath Frame was 8.00 at Michael s purchased in April when I was creating my Easter Wreath.

Place your pipe-cleaners evenly around the frame,  I use the straight bars as my anchor points so that my wreath remains somewhat in place.

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Creating a two to three inch tail I use my pipe cleaner to anchor the mesh to the frame and then I start gathering the mesh into four to six inch sections, anchoring each section to the frame.  Hint I always start on the inside and try to create three layers of mesh.

After I have used the entire roll of white mesh, I started twisting the red, anchoring it sporadically through the white, for this Wreath I used approx 1/4 of a normal roll but again you can add as much or as little as you desire,  decomesh is all about what you like and what speaks to you..  I grabbed the two Flags and added them to the middle and Voila I have a wreath all set for Canada Day.  The bonus of this wreath is if you live in a border town, or have dual citizenship, very easy to add some Blue on the 2nd, switch out the flags and Happy Independence Day, ( or start it early and use the Tri Coloured for Memorial Day, change the Blue and the Flags and then it is Happy Canada Day, and switch back , and now you have a three occasion wreath for pennies.

Canada Day Wreath

  • Your wreath looks great! I've never tried to make one before, but my mother in law and grandmother in law made several for Christmas last year and they looked great. You make it look so easy, it actually looks like a craft I could do.

    Thank you for joining Social Saturday!

  • Love that your celebrating Canada day. My family is canadian so we always try to go up to PEI for that weekend! Thanks so much for linking up last week at the Creative Spark Link Party. Our link party is live again today we would love for you to stop by again! http://bit.ly/1vRcF7h

  • What a beautiful wreath! I will link it to my article!

  • What a beautiful wreath! It looks so festive.

  • Kelsey Cameron

    So cute! I love that you celebrate your heritage!

  • Kristi Mercer

    SO pretty!