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Gaining Instagram Followers Part Deux ( 2) and an Outfit

Holy toledo Batman it really works,  seriously I have gained 69 followers on instagram in one week. I know right, how fantabulous is that, and I am sure it is entirely thanks to posting pictures of donuts, and peonies and gold glitter, and of course me not eating… or maybe not……….. cuz now that i think about it I didn’t actually post any of those things, OK This week my feed will be filled with gold glitter, peonies and not eating photos I promise. ( just in case you missed last weeks post and are totally lost.)
Last week was filled with a ferocious cat, and an empty steak plate, some Quidittch Rings,  a campfire and a whole lot of outfits, its a totally new formula to try.  Take a quick pic so staging peeps, post with no filter and hope you thrill a few peeps, that works too right.

Ok maybe 69 is not a big huge number in the blogging world but it works for me, for now……

OK I know move off the topic Linda,  time to get serious and talk about stuff people really care about… hmm Okay stumped today. Not really I have a thousand ideas running through my head I am just trying to figure out what to do and how to incorporate my ideas into my blog, I want to do a Canadian Pictorial for all of you non Canadians,  i realize I have been to every Province and One Territory so I would like to show you how picturesque Canada really is, and then I can start my US States because I think I am on 26, so I am getting there right, or maybe some glimpses of mexico and Cuba…. yea I am going to replace my Cookie series with a travel series for the next while.  If you have been following me on the weekends you know I post a cookie recipe every Saturday, well starting this week i am heading into a bit of a travel series for you, and then…. wait for it,  Music Festival season starts so….. I have to start sharing that with you right.

I am excited about the possibilities and I hope that you are excited by all that can be and will be over the next while, so while most of the bloggers are taking a much deserved break I hope you will come play with me and get hooked.

So quick weekend recap,  pizza and beer and hockey Friday, Gardening, swimming and steaks ( and wine) on Saturday, Pool Party/Festival meeting and more swimming and hockey last night and damn it all weekend is over and I am back to work.  Back to work with yet another new outfit though so that makes life totally worth it.During my Florida shopping spree, I mean vacation, I picked up this beautiful Maxi at J Crew,  fits like a dream and is the perfect lengthy,  lord I love that store, This baby was in the clearance section and then another 40% off how insane that it cost me less than $20.00,  sandals from Target ( on sale 10.00) and the sweater is a Vanheusen steal ( Old).  Coach Clutch and Forever 21 Sunglasses and I am set for this 34 degree day (93 F).

Happy Monday Folks.


 Blooper of the Day,  i think I fell asleep……

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Previous wears: ( sweater and clutch, as the other stuff is new)

  • Such a cute maxi!

  • That's a great sundress – what a pretty blue!

  • Love the floral dress on you, and the pop of yellow with the Coach wristlet, so cute. Enjoy your day
    From the link up, jess

    please stop by


    • Thanks Jess, this coach wristlet has proven very versatile

  • Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! Love this summer dress and yellow sandals.

  • Maxi dresses are fab at this time of year and I love the shade of blue you're wearing today. Your nails also look great!

    • Thanks, two new shades from Avon, love them both.

  • Part or all of this post has been stolen. The blogger at benaffleckbatman.net has stolen perhaps hundreds, thousands of posts. He needs to be stopped!

    • what the heck, thanks for letting e know, what kind of moron does this…

  • Really pretty maxi on you. I love blue and yellow together! Congrats on your new Instagram followers – I haven't ventured to Instagram yet, still trying to master Pinterest :).

    • Lana you need to take the leap to instagram,, very easy to use and allows you very quick glimpses of your posts to catch peoples attention.

  • Yay for gaining instagram followers! And I am really loving this color combination with the blue and neon!

  • You deserve every bit of attention you get! Very casual, very classic, and way cool. Have been looking for a blue maxi, and love yours on you. The little yellow sandals just make it perfect. Good for you.

  • Love the dress…you styled it well! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog hop!