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Hockey or Soccer

Trying something a little different v=because tonight we have what could be the Stanley Cup Championship Game and a World Cup Game…. June brings the Stanley Cup finals and the FIFA World Cup, two very physical sports that attract large audiences.  Now Hockey may not be as ” POPULAR” in some countries but being our (meaning MINE) national sport I thought I would try and educate everyone on the major differences between the two sports.
I have heard it said many a time that the best athletes in the world are soccer players as they must demonstrate body strength and fitness, well let me tell you peeps, Hockey players must have superior strength and stamina as it takes a lot to skate at the speeds they skate and check somebody into the boards all the while using a stick to manipulate a piece of black rubber at excessive speeds while balancing on blades…..
Seriously have you ever seen a Hockey Player do this?
No you actually see this, a lot… and they get back up and play ( now scroll down fast because this is making me dizzy, thus I am keeping the gifs small)
sharks big check - hockey hit body check gifs
Physique, Tactics and Technique all factors that come into play with sports, so examining Hockey vs Soccer:
Technique, well a soccer player does have to tun and dribble the ball past an opposing player so that requires some technique and the goalie must stop the ball being kicked at him at on average 67 MPH but a hockey player is skating on thin blades on a slippery surface while passing a tiny puck ( a puck is usually passed at between 30 and 60 mph).  A Hockey goalie must stop a tiny puck that has been known to be shot at 105.9 MPH ( Zdero Chara), so that takes a little bit of concentration, agility and strength I do believe.
Tactics, well from a girl point of view, Soccer players cry a lot, Hockey players fight a lot, that’s it, that’s all  Don’t ya think…..
Now Physique
Kessler for Hockey
Beckham for Soccer
Well damn, ain’t that a difficult choice….well moving on we Canadians take our Hockey seriously and we like to not only have players with amazing skills apparently we like to grow them really cute.  Case in point,  Thunder Bay, Ontario… I know, WHERE……  a small town of 108000 in Northern Ontario.  Go to Minneapolis, head to Duluth, then to Lutsen and keep going there ya go.  Right on lake Superior.  Well this town of 108000   , has 50 boys/men playing hockey or have played in the NHL and here is just a small sample of those players.
Taylor Pyatt
Tom Pyatt
Tom Burtuzzo
Patrick Sharp Chicago Black Hawks
Staal Borthers
need i say more….. so that is why I like hockey better and quite possibly also the explaination of why I bagged me a Thunder Bay Boy.
Happy Friday peeps and to end the day with my usual, a rainy day outfit to take you into the weekend.

  City Pants- J Crew, Neon T Shirt- Gap, Shoes Nine West ( last year) and Umbrella Coach

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All GIFS and pictures of gorgeous Hockey Players are not mine and I cannot take any credit for them. Many are from sports sites and google, and I know that is not appropriate credit but I hope i can be forgiven this time.

  • As I'm a Brit, our national game is football (sorry, I just can't call it soccer!) – but it really irritates me how soft the players are sometimes! I love Rugby League, and I often have discussions with my husband about how the players are tougher – I've seen the captain of my home town team play for over an hour with a broken cheekbone! Husband does not like this opinion, he lives and breathes football. Hockey isn't very big over here but we did go to an NHL game in America and we loved it. I wish we could watch it on TV!

  • Ah, a fellow hockey fan! My husband and three boys still play hockey, one in college and the others in "beer league", but we are always comparing NHL players to other "wimpier" professional athletes. Living in New Jersey and growing up in Connecticut, it's always been our favorite sport. That being said, it's still fun to watch the World Cup!