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WOW, thank the good Lord that I read a few posts before finishing my draft on 9-5,  I literally thought they wanted an accounting of how you truly spend your day, you know get up at 6….   blah, blah, blah. So forgive my late post and my first hashtag as I was a little on the wrong track.( I am saving the other post for a future time,  just in case ( plus I had some totally cool gif’s ). I figure there may come a day when someone really wants to know my daily routine. ( and this new slant totally works for me because I truly had an epic fail of an outfit today so know I can lock those picks away in a fault somewhere).

Little back history for ya, I worked for the Federal Government in the dreaded Tax Department for twenty years, as a wait for it ” Tax Collector”  eeks I know, please stay and keep reading though, it gets better, 18 of those years I spent as a volunteer Union rep,  moving up and spending the last years as a Regional Vice President traveling the country assisting members and going to meetings.  I know a Tax Collector that is a Union rep,  I am telling you the Business Men I met on planes quickly stopped talking to me when they found out my “travel business”.  Like does this not look like the face of a Tax Collector/Union Boss to you…….

So, December 2006 I got offered my dream job, a full time paid position with my Union as a Labour Relations Officer, dream job because not only was I going to be paid ( very well) for doing what I loved I was also going to be working with my significant other because he had also been offered the job. It was perfect as we had been in a long distance relationship, he in Thunder Bay and me in Saint John, so together we moved to Ottawa.

In May 2012, I was offered a position with the Public Service Alliance of Canada as the Exclusions and Designations Officer, ( luckily still in the same building as Kent just a different floor). I bet you are asking what the heck does that all mean,  well…

The PSAC has 310 Bargaining Units and I am one of two people responsible for negotiating with employers as to whose services shall remain essential in the event of a strike as well as whom should belong in the bargaining unit.

Most days my schedule is pretty regular, emails, phone calls, meetings ( with smatterings of Blogging, facebook, Instagram…) and then there are the days where I have a unit on strike and that usually means a 24/7 on call to resolve issues and problems.  ( and that is hell let me tell you, Christmas 2012, an airport on strike and you can guess this girl spent the holidays on the phone a lot) I also can be called on to represent at hearings on a moments notice for any of these units.

My Office:

My View.

And then there is the non office work. Sometimes I attend Rally’s in the Fall

Sometimes in the winter….

During my years as a politician I had to travel extensively so the benefit of this job is there is some travel but normally when I want and I can space it out.  So I have gone from St John’s Nf  cross country to Vancouver BC, jumped over to Yellowknife and then over to Winnipeg.( OK not all in the same trip that would be crazy)  With this many units all across the country I can end up anywhere.

St John’s

To Yellowknife:


To Sun:

Fish and Chips from World Famous Shacks ( Bullocks)

To Icebergs in May ( only had my blackberry at the time so sucky picture sorry)

and to cities colder than Mars ( Thank you Winnipeg)

My work life as I lead it: An office job with travel and strikes and rally’s.  One minute working with Federal Government Departments or Agencies and the next with a nursing home or a hospital.  Some days negotiating with airports and some days with Northern Municipalities. A job guaranteed not to bore you.

( and then you have my whole volunteer festival life, where I work backstage at many of the large music festivals, saving that for another day.)

and the awful outfit today ( all pieces I love but just not together)

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  • That's neat that your day changes depending on what you're doing. and you can blog about WHATEVER you want! if you wanted to recound what you do when you got up go for it!

    • I'll save my "snooze" button woes and the bad outfit for another day, maybe one of your #totalsocials will be about morning routines or bad outfit posts LOL

  • Thats awesome :)))

  • The Ralley's in the Fall seem right up my alley! ha. cute office too by the way! I've enjoyed this link up and seeing what people do from 9-5 🙂 it' fun! I'm excited to be following your blog now!!

  • I love this post, and the view of your office is incredible, such a nice big space.

  • You seem to have such a great job! it's wonderful you get to travel so much 🙂

    Away From The Blue

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