Loving Life after 50

Part 2 of the 50 at 50

Arggg I forgot today was Floral Day with the Trend Link up, so to stay on trend here is a repost of a lovely floral Forever 21 Dress that I am NOT wearing today in the rain.
Sadly I was going to wear that dress today but changed my mind at the last minute and went with Black and Stripes instead.

In a continuation of my 50 at 50 series, I open with an outfit from Forever 21 and H & M,  just to show that yes you can still shop at fun places.

Cont’d from June 23, 2012 the rest of my list of all those things you had to give up at 20 to prove you were grown up you can now start doing again,  50 is the new 20 no matter what anyone says. ( Although on a totally serious note you could not pay me enough to be 20 again, I like 50, OK maybe I would like the ease that the body got in shape and I could do without a few creaks and cracks in the body but overall 50 is good.)

26.  Buying stuff you
want not that you need,

27. Care a little  about
what others think of you, don’t let it affect what you may or may not do but at
least be considerate of the feelings of others.
28. Pick up that phone and play on Instagram, have a twitter
account, embrace all things social media and not be judged for it.
29. Stay out until 2am. Sometimes it is worth it. I’m not saying
every weekend or every month, just once in a while.
30.. Do something that scares you, take a last minute trip
to somewhere you always wanted, go bungee jumping, go back to school,  challenge yourself to get outside the box.
31. Give yourself permission to start doing the things on
your bucket list, or tear up the bucket list and just start doing what you want.
32. Buy that impractical Car,  you no longer have to show that your are a “mature
33. Sit around and watch the entire series of West Wing on Netflix
every evening, your evenings are your own, enjoy them.
34. Get back to the Gym if you stopped,  make exercising and getting fit a priority (
OK this is an every age thing, but now we should have time for it again).
35. Live your dream in whatever form it may be.
36. Reconnect with friends and family.
37.  Eat Candy – stop obsessing
that it is going to your hips and enjoy that snickers bar.
38. Accept  marriage breakups
and divorce, shit happens deal with it and don’t judge.
 39. Working for
free,  it’s called volunteering and now
is the time to embrace it.
40.  Give yourself permission
to drink pop(soda) if that is what you like.
41. Resume treating your pets as children, they are your
companions and you love them.
42. get a tattoo if you want one,
43. Get a new hobby, learn a new language.
44. Follow that trend if you like it.
45. Eating in bed,  it’s totally OK to relax in bed and eat cookies or have popcorn..
46. Keep an open tab at a bar, who wants to keep digging for
47. Buy those shoes cuz you like them even though you may
not have anything that goes with them ( same as that dress, or the skirt)
48. Take time to read.
49. Enjoy spending time with your parents and treat them to dinner
50.  Stop following
lists other people create,  create your

Happy Tuesday Folks.

Today’s outfit, skirt is Forever 21, Tank from H & M ( very old), shoes from Old Navy,  Boots from Zellers. Jewellery from Zellers, Sweater from Cotton Ginny ( really old)


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