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Come Sail Away

Today is probably the last day you will see me in anything other than festival wear, The Ottawa Bluesfest officially starts tomorrow July 3rd ( although set up has been going on for a few days) So see this, expect this and better LOL,  on a serious note we are in hard hats, vests and boots till tomorrow and then at least we can start with our ” festival uniforms”.  Hopefully I will get to post lots of music pictures for you.  Got a few ideas brewing for a few different blog series but we shall see how my timing goes.
Promise I will try and get a picture of Blake tomorrow LOL.
Yesterday was Canada Day, Happy Canada Day everyone,  and in between festival stuff and party stuff I did not get an outfit pic of all my red and white (insert sad face, cuz no emoticons n my PC)

Today, I brought back out the Banana Republic Sailing Dress and some wedges I have not shown yet, although about 4 years Old. Its a nautical theme for sure, and I plan on wearing my Sperry’s when I go walking.( are these not just the perfect casual shoe)

Happy Hump Day Peeps

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  • Thanks for linking up with Mid Week Muse! I love the festive look…and the hardhat and vest look too!! xo

  • Cute look! Loving those Sperry's!


  • Cute look! Enjoy every minute of Summer. 🙂

    Found your blog via The Grits Blog so decided to come check things out. Ashley is awesome…such a talented gal. 🙂

  • Linda I hope you are enjoying your time first of all. I am in love with that second outfit. It is beautifully nautical. Love the dress and necklace. Also both pairs of shoes are amazing, especially the boat shoes. Love them.

    Take Care, Ada. =)

  • Kate F.

    I love your purse! Cute outfit.

  • Nice look!
    Love your dress!

  • those boat shoes are cute. and the beau bag…it's on my wish list!

  • I really like the sailboat dress!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Cute outfit!

  • Those Sperry's are perfect!

  • I've never seen a boat print like that on a dress! I have seen a car print similar to that on a skirt.

  • LOVE those shoes! Adorable!

  • O ;pve the boat shoes. I have a foot disorder in each of my feet and they hurt all the time. I am always on the look out for comfortable shoes I can wear with a causual dress or slacks. it's easy when you are in jeans and caqn wear regular sneakers but trying to find comfortable shoes that won't make your feet hurt so bad that you are up night after night in serious pain and then sleep deprevation starts to set in! That just makes the pain worse! So I say down with all heels and lets make wearing comfortable flats with dresses a fashion statement!

  • Jenn E

    I love those shoes! They are super cute!

  • Loooove this dress!

  • I love the top-siders' pattern.

  • Love this dress!

  • Love the red shoes!

  • Mary-Beth Kinchen

    LOVING your red pumps 🙂

  • I love those sperry's!!!

  • Jay

    Cute! I love those wedges!

  • only following you cuz your a Raiders fan lol "JK" 😉