Loving Life after 50

Does Blogging have a limited Life Span??

Disclaimer, this post is not directed at anyone person just my view of the world lately.
and before I start my pretty new boots to catch your attention prior to my rant,.

The mystery of life as viewed from my world,  does blogging have a limited shelf life or is it just me?? I find a blog,  I love said blog and then the blogger starts slowly fading away…..first it starts with missed blog posts, then it hits the I hate blogging post phase, then it becomes more sporadic and then pretty soon another blogger I love just disappears. I think I am in a Scy Fy movie at times,  ya know that movie where everyone keeps disappearing and changing and no-one but you notices.  ( no paranoia here folks its like conspiracy theory at its prime, and how is that for random movie references??)

Seriously, is there a life span,  I am betting on three years,  that seems to be the average… makes sense in a way, I mean you start this little hobby, then it gets bigger and becomes more than a hobby and then BHAM, something in your life changes, a hubby. a baby. a puppy, a house, a job.. something, anything that all of a sudden makes you resent this little world that we have.

Now the conspiracy part of me wants me to unfollow all my favs so that they also do not stop blogging. If you are on my Daily Reads, please “Don’t Go”…. ( what another pop reference, this time an oh so popular song.. or maybe only popular to us oldies lol)

I know blogging is time consuming and i know we all have those little things in life that often must take priority but let the kids feed themselves.. ( Kidding people just kidding)  Life changes do affect our priorities and I am the first to recognize real life sometimes has a way of changing what our plans are ( hence two weeks of minimal blogging) but is it life changes, personal changes or something else that causes one attention to wander.

The secret of life, the map to the fountain of youth and what makes you bored with blogging, if only I held the key I would be a rich, rich person.

So how long have you been at this,  me good gracious it will be a year in a months time ( now I have to start planning something spectacular), I still love it and I love the engagement,  wish I knew the ultimate secret to tons of followers and numerous blog comments ( other than quality posts people, I am not sure I believe that one anymore).  To be perfectly frank I have seen bloggers who are no longer blogging still increase in followers, WTF, I know right., and yes I do keep stats of other bloggers, I am a number cruncher  guys and that is what I do. My success meter is in fact measured by comparative stats. ( I am being totally honest here, looking for your stats, I probably have them).  Can you imagine how frustrating it is to know that a blogger than has not posted in weeks/months is still growing… really I have the numbers….It’s true. So its not all about quality, or quantity it is some magical dust that gets sprinkled around of this I am quite confident,  successful blogging is created by magical fairies or maybe unicorns.

I am still hoping the magicial unicorn will come visit me but in the meantime, I still  love this hobby of mine, totally love it, so much that yep I now have a rebel and this weekend I got an IPAD ( good lord why did that take so long) and to top it off I do take a picture of every meal/outfit/flower and drink that catches my eye and plan post series in my head ( now to implement that plan), so hopefully I do not catch the “Bored” bug for a long long time.

One thing for sure I have not yet grown tired of outfit selfies.

Now that my, oh woe is me, where are all my fav bloggers going bitch session is over, lets get to the outfit..  Hell yea. here it is a fav, my hi low dress that can be worn so many ways. ( Thank you Old navy, and that is for making this not giving it, I wish I was on their gift list)

Dress Old Navy,  Jean Jacket, Target ( 5.00), new boots from Forever 21, necklace and bracelet from Lia Sophia. and of course the ever present Fitbit, today in blue.

Fancied up the nails for a different look ( thank you Avon)
and my blopper of the week, remove hands from hips when wearing this type of dress or suffer looking like Dolly.

Past wears:

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  • In love with your Lia Sophia bracelet! And I also love the KC & The Sunshine Band! 🙂

    • to funny and thanks about the bracelet, I love it

  • YES!! Linda I know exactly what you are talking about!! Drives me crazy too!

  • I like how you've styled your dress with the waist belt and almost matching bracelet. I've not been blogging long enough to know whether or not there is a shelf life but it's an interesting thought.

    • Welcome to our funky little world Lorna, and thank you

  • I love when you get deep on us. So what if blogging has a life-span? Our own lives will not last forever.

    On a style note, love that navy maxi dress styled with the cool booties. And of course a denim jacket is always perfection!

    • Thanks Ada, I just get a little sad because it means a blogger I followed has moved on, just like our children leaving home, we know it must happen…I am really liking booties and maxis this year

  • Linda, I know what you mean. I did some research about it, and it said a lot of bloggers quite after less than 3 months. Often times they think they will be an instant success or get followers quickly. When they don't they give it up, it's also a matter of {what I have learned anyway..haha!} it takes a lot more of your time than you initially think. There is composing posts, and then a WHOLE LOT of networking. My theory is they achieve there follower goal, and it's like I did it so I'm busy anyway so I'll throw in the towel, I achieved my goal. This is my take on it..haha. Love your look by the way! 😉

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  • A lot of my favorites have disappeared, too, and I miss them. "Don't Go" is today's mantra! Love your sassy boots and great jewelry. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  • I've been doing some form of online journaling for 15 years now, the thing I tend to get tired of is the platform. I wonder what will eventually replace Blogger and WordPress as the "coolest" places/ways to blog?

  • It makes me sad when I see bloggers I love fade away. It definitely is time consuming, but as of right now, I'm still loving it 18 months later! I feel like it's just now getting fun! Ha! Hope you have many many more posts to come! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  • Ah not sure. I have neither been at it long enough nor read any blog long enough to know. Aside from real life happening, maybe they hit a plateau and don't have the energy anymore to keep crossing it.

    And btw, I love your bracelet 🙂

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • Really cute boots and accessories!
    I started style blogging for the first time 2 years ago. Then I lost all my pictures by unknowingly deleting them on google+ so basically lost them all on my blog. After about a year I've recently started back up again. Enjoying the blogs I use to follow and discovering new ones!
    I'm hoping to stick around longer this time!