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Its all about Me ( or in this case the shoes)

Have you ever purchased those funky shoes because they looked cool?  Then you get them home and go,  good lord what was I thinking and away they go to the back of the closet?  Fast forward two years and start blogging and then look at them with new and fresh eyes and think,  hmmmm the possibilities??  OK maybe you don’t have the “start blogging part”,  seriously not everyone blogs………………what the frack, you don’t blog??  OK  back to my point,  how many times do we purchase something and then go, WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

A few years ago in Williamsburg Virginia I found the funkiest shoes ( I know WILLIAMSBURG,  now Virginia folks do not get made at me here, I love Williamsburg, so pretty and historic but I swear to you Kent and I felt like kids, I am fairly confident that we did not see anyone younger then us the whole time, even the waitress at one of the restaurants was 67, ( according to her), so digressing again but my point was, how does one find funky shoes in a retirement town??. )

So I found these shoes, got them home and then I swear I think i tried them on with a few outfits but maybe I wore them once… but today as i was mixing stripes and checks again, I thought hmmm these would be the perfect touch.

They are like a sandal/ cowboy boot and are actually very comfortable, so today its all about the shoes. Now, who can have a great shoe and not a comparable outfit right??? so sticking with my new and recent love of stripes and checks, I found this checked blouse at Forever 21 on Tuesday and thought this is the perfect addition to my horizontal striped skirt, and alternative to the checked halter top, an outfit worn here and here. Today however I teamed it with a dress I found at Giant Tiger many, many years ago, like at least 3 ( that’s many right).

 Gotta say I am loving my ” LOVE” necklace that I got from Lia Sophia. It is on repeat lately.

So do you have any funky shoes that you have forgotten about??? Are you in to mixing patterns?? To me this summer is all about having fun with my wardrobe.

Happy Friday and I hope your weekend is as great as I plan mine to be.  Celebrating with the wine and chocolates purchased on my trip.( OK this was last night but I plan on a repeat performance tonight)

Throwing it back for the Stripes on Trends

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  • Welcome back Linda – I missed you!!

    OMG those shoes are awesome. I love sandals that look like booties too. I also own a pair which I love. I am also loving your checkered shirt and striped shirt. Perfect print-mixing!

    Have a great weekend, pretty lady. Welcome by when you can.

    <3 Ada.

    • Thanks Ada, happy to be back, I swore I was not going to miss posting but I could literally not find the time, got tons of pics though

  • Glad you are back as well Linda! I think those bootie/shoes are so cool! Love something diffferent. Nice mixing of black and white as well. And yum yum, red wine and chocolate, who can pass it up, plus there are alot of antioxidants? Do martinis count" Have a great weekend
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess

    • Thanks and the antioxidants argument works for me. LOL

  • The shoes are SOOO fabulous! Great find!! 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  • Thanks and they were like 15.00 so double find

  • Love your shoes! Those are adorable. Blogging makes us go outside of our comfort zone and I love it:)


  • Your shoes are amazing, I need, I need, I want 🙂

    Thanks for sharing over at the weekend blog hop 🙂

    • thanks Claire, they were an impulse but one I will not regret.

  • I've never seen a shoe like this. I didn't know cowboy boot/sandals even existed! Very cool!

  • Yum wine and chocolate! Those sandals are definitely funky but I kinda love em! I always buy the funky shoes haha sometimes they get worn a ton and sometimes they do make their way to the back of the closet..


  • I like your mix of patterns and your sandals are fabulous!

  • Oh I know what you mean. I have quite a couple of things that got new (or more) love after I started blogging. Seeing the possibilities for me is a skill learned. Or an eye andmind trained. And 3 years is borderline ancient in terms of fashion blogging 😛 Kidding, I have many pieces that old as well.

    Alex – Funky Jungle