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A bit of a Twist

Tomorrow is a civic holiday in Ontaro so I am relaxing at home over the long weekend,actually trying to get the deck finished but there ya go, no fancy OOTD for today, instead a stunning hair style (or two or three)
I would love for the world to think I woke up looking like this

But usually its more this…..

In a continuation of the Convention Formal Banquet I thought I would give you a glimpse into the world of “How to Achieve Great Hair”..  
or how one can actually come out of a Salon with a fantastic updo even if they are strangers to you.
I arrived at the convention and had not made a hair appointment for the big night,  in fact it was not until the actual day of that I realized I really should have planned ahead.  I got the name of a parlour in Windsor from a girlfriend and even though it was last minute this company made time for me.
Dry Parlour Inc is a relatively new studio in Windsor that specialize in blow-outs and up do’s, no cuts, no colours just glorious blowouts and fancy hairstyles. 
I found the service amazing, the staff friendly, knowledgeable and great to be around and i watched them perform fancy hairstyles on 7 people other than myself.  people they had never met yet everyone of the women/girls walked out feeling beautiful.
I so wish we had this studio in Ottawa but for those of you in Windsor and surrounding areas,  give this place a try.
So began my transformation.
oh yea did I forget to mention we were greeted with a drink… my fav place already

I can see the progress LOL am I not a beauty queen.

I swear there were one or two or forty pins in my hair but the curl stayed perfect for three days afterwards.

The finished product

Is this not amazing???

and then add some makeup jewels and a pretty dress.

The stylists hard at work with three of us.
The rest of the crew
From the Studios Facebook:

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  • Oh my goodness! I love it. She did a great job. That necklace, where did you get it?! All of you ladies looked nice. I hope it was fun & that you've had a great Sunday!

  • A little bit of twist sure dolled the hair up nicely, and looks not all too difficult. Thanks for the post.

  • Oh wow, these are beautiful styles!! I love it! No way could I achieve something like that on my own hair, but maybe I'll try my best at a modified version, just for fun.

  • olla

    please please please teach my how to do my hair. this is so so amazing

  • So pretty! I love it. Wish I could do things like this with my own hair haha


  • Maribel

    I love the hairstyles!