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August equals NFL

It is almost time for the NFL to start,  let’s start doing the happy dance, and of course the start of the season means football apparel.
Now I have been known to put on a jersey or two. ( and now I am so excited that there are actually womens jersey’s to pick from)

First of all I want to clarify that I love wearing the ” Colours” of my team but I truly hate the boxiness of Men’s jerseys and blending into the crowd so I went on a search for pieces that are reflective of me, show my loyalty but seem somewhat stylish.
A girl wants to look like a girl right, but also who wants to look out of place at a tailgate party or in the stadium.

 oop little blurry here

OK OK, I never claimed an intense loyalty here although to be honest the Patriots have my heart as I am an East Coaster but Kent is a tried and true Raiders fan so if we go there I have to be Black and silver, it’s just the way I roll.

So Patriots vs Raiders, hmmmm what would happen to me if that ever got scheduled, well

As if life wasn’t perfect enough, last year the Raiders played twice on the East Coast so we managed to get to the Giants vs raiders game ( but it really sucked that the Raiders lost.) now this year the Raiders play New England, say WHATTTTTTT and in Boston, holy crap people that is like distance.

Now what am I going to do, raiders vs patriots and I have been know to root for both.. So like a true fashion ( oops Life & Style blogger) I decided I need to invest some time and energy into my sports attire.

Raiders have some pretty cool gear, so if its cool i wear some black boyfriend jeans ( and who doesn’t love BF jeans right)  and a turtle neck underneath a woman’s jersey, yea you heard right. jerseys for women. Add a fancy toque ( I think I rock a toque as evidenced below), some converse sneakers, Iphone case and alcohol water bottle. ( plus have a tank underneath in case it warms up.  I am a Raiders fashion queen.


Raiders by linda-cassidy 


but then you have the Patriots, another woman’s jersey ( this time getting ready to represent for October, breast cancer month),  I have always sported the NFL pink apparel because I am a long time supporter/fundraiser for Breast Cancer and I am a girly girl at times. add some BF jeans, some stylin rubber boots, bag and Umbrella. Throw these awesome flats in the bag in case the rain stops and as always requisite tank underneath and there ya have it. 
Patriots Babe now.( and of course i go nowhere w/o I Phone)
patriots football

So as opposed to the me version in the boxy man’s jersey, can you not just see me in both of these???

Two awesome choices for me, so if the weather is typical fall I think I will go with the raiders but if its a little rainy ( it will be September right) then the Patriots for the win.

So stay tuned September 21st New England Patriots and the Oakland raiders and guess who already had a trip to Pennsalvania booked for the 14-21, roadtrip anyone.

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