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Funday Monday, Back to work

Gotta be honest here folks, i love this unfiltered photo, was trying to get a shoot of my wedges and this happened,  so OK maybe you can’t see the wedeges very well which defeats the purpose of the photo but i could not capture the rays like that if I was trying.  So no this is not edited in pic monkey this is a FOR REAL….

So it’s Monday, that start of a brand new workweek and for those of us in Ontario the last week of summer, school starts next week, we have a long weekend and finally summer came back.  A beautiful weekend 28 and 29 degrees, got to enjoy the pool and even today a balmy 26 ( 84F). I finished my antibiotics this morning and a lot of the swelling has gone down, not all but a lot ( in some of my pics man oh man I look like a kid with one of those jumbo jaw breakers in my mouth.

Had a great weekend, although no alcohol was allowed,  thought I could have maybe one small glass of the Chateneauf du Pap with my baby steak on Saturday but nope, the side effects listed for one of the antibiotics indicated that would not be a great idea,  you know its bad when even folks of the internet are warning you away.  The only drug that the side effect is not negating the effects of the drug it is will cause severe and immediate ( insert everything bad here) cramps, vomiting… you name it, I swear it was listed, so tank you Diet Pepsi to the rescue, Kent out did himself for dinner though,

Scallops wrapped in bacon on a watermelon bed

For me  a bed of mussels:

and finally perfectly cooked steaks, baked potatos and Borccoli

I am so happy that I bought that ted reader CookBook for him, he loves it and loves trying all the recipes,  Seriously even his baked potatos are fancied up, backed in sea salt and Olive Oil and infused with Beer butter, does that not sound pretty amazing.

Sunday I baked, zucchini bread with a fresh zucchini from the neighbours garden ( recipe will follow soon) and then made my #ALSicebucketchallenge video, I swear you would think as a blogger who takes selfies daily I would feel more relaxed in front of the video camera but not so much… vid’s on facebook.

Hope you all had a great weekend and now back to the work grind, catch up from a missed week of work and dug out an ole favourite ( and by Old I mean from May LOL) , wearing my J Crew Maxi dress with my Vanheusen sweater.  Adding my new necklace from Yosa ( yes again) and a pair of wedges I have not yet worn this year. ( how do ya mix a maxi,  shoes and necklaces of course).

Dress J Crew, Sweater Vanheusen, Shoes Payless, Necklace Yosa UK, Bracelet and earrings Lia Sophia

Remix Monday

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  • OMG all that food looks divine. Your maxi dress and shoes are gorgeous – I want them. That neon necklace three. LOL

    Happy Monday Linda!!

    • The necklace is from Yosa UK ( Rachel the Hat and I may never take it off, I love it)

  • That's some handsome food! And you look great in your maxi dress. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  • Glad you're feeling better! That first photo is amazing…love the light! Great shot. Scallops on watermelon? Never heard of that before but it sounds so good!

    • and infused with beer butter, Kent found the recipe in a beer cook book and he loves it.

  • So glad you are feeling better!! I can't get over that first picture!! I pinned it on my style board!

  • Hi! The mussels look fantastic! Have you tried the Belgian recipe? In Belgium, they eat the mussels with french fries and they're delicious!
    A Bilingual Baby

  • I love how high fashion has affected my way of thinking and living. It's a world that appreciates different kind of beauty and cultures. You Are Awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    Love your maxi..and, oh my one of my fave foods bacon wrapped scallops..delish!
    floridagld (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • What a post! I love how you accidentally caught those rays of sun, and the presentation of the food is spectacular – the scallops on the watermelon – have to remember that! Cute outfit, glad you got a chance to wear before summer's over.