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Grownup Onesies

 The hot ticket item for babies are always Onesies, so why not make them our hot ticket as well. I know most people are calling these jumpsuits but Onesies works don’t ya think.
This little number was a recent Forever 21 purchase on line ( also ordered a dress and shorts but alas they did not fit, (i need emoticons here) I was a little unhappy  about the dress and shorts not fitting but this little number made me happy. ( Super impressed with Forever 21’s return process as they even include the return label but in this case, not needed, my pieces fit my admin perfectly so she has taken possession)
Little bit tribal, little bit of mixed patterns and it has pockets so Linda is a happy happy gal.

Gotta confess I never ever thought I would be back in a jumpsuit, although the one I owned in University was one of my all time favourite outfits. I mean really look at this baby. ( and don’t judge the amount of stuffed animals on my bed, Muppets were my go to, can you say Fozzy Bear and my dorm was not this small, this was my Birthday so they moved everything into the shower room)
Me, walking amoungst my fresh mint, hint ladies it is better to clip the flower not let it grow but my life has been a bit hectic thus my over grown mint patch.

And in case you wanted your own onesie or something similar check these giveaways out Amazon, Cash, Paypal or Target
The cutest shoes ever, silver slingbacks from Old Navy 

Jumpsuit Forever 21 (here) Shoes Old Navy no longer available and Necklace airport boutique, Sweater Banana Republic
So have you had an urge to try any throw back fashions??

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  • you look great

  • i just bought a pair of tribal pants…what can i say, they say vacation to me, and i am weak. love the pattern on that onesie, lol.

  • I want a tribal pair of leggings for this fall/winter. I fell in love with them last year. I love this on you, it's so pretty! I hope your having a great day!

  • I love that print! This looks so good on you!

  • This jumpsuit looks stunning on you! Love the pattern! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie