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I want a drink of Water

True confession time here people,  last night we drained the Hot-tub entirely so we could refill it with fresh water, because honestly after a couple months it does seem to get a little scummy…. why is that a true confession you ask??? Well because it seems to be a big friggin deal to the world that people are ” wasting” buckets of ice water dumping it on their heads to raise money and awareness for ALS.  A BUCKET PEOPLE come on get over it, just a little bit.

 The bucket that started it all.
Let’s be perfectly frank here,  I am in awe of this event, yes it has blown up my Facebook feed but I am perfectly OK with that, and yes I spend way to much time going through my feed seeing who next shall pick up the challenge what they will do and yep even how they will react, that one seems quite consistent. I am getting extremely upset, heck no I am getting pissed at the resentment of people and the interesting tidbits and facts that they are throwing out to justify why they ” are hating on this campaign”, not why they are not doing it because that is every persons individual right,  we do not all support the same causes nor should we.  I totally support you if you do not want to take up this challenge and you will get no judgement from me on that fact,  why then do you feel the need to judge me and others like me who believe this is a worthwhile activity??
Holy Frack I do not see anyone yelling at the sports players for dumping Ice Water and Gatorade on coaches heads during football season but I guess that’s OK because they are not trying to bring awareness to only one charity ( oops oh yeah they are not bringing awareness to any charity)
 Oops I think that is water…..
Why is it so wrong to just accept the success of a movement and move on without trying to pull it all down,  yes I am perfectly aware that there are many, many people without clean water, and I am aware the puppies are being abused and you can be damn sure I am aware of cancer  ( considering the fact I lost my Dad at 44 as well as my Papa to this horrid disease, not to mention other relatives, co-workers and friends) Please do not lecture me on the fact that there are many diseases out there and many good causes, I am WELL AWARE of that fact.  Funny thing I did not see you lecturing me when I was posting about walking 60 kilometers for Breast Cancer, nor did I see any criticism about the Dragon Boat Races or Relay for life,  damn I am pretty sure nobody bitches about Dress down for Huntingtons either. So, why oh why are the haters hating so much on this.  
I have  heard, oh I am so over this,  let’s move on… get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Lord it has only been a little over 5 weeks that the #icebucketchallenge turned towards ALS, 5 weeks, and how long has this horrid disease been affecting people,  hmmm just maybe a bit longer than five weeks I expect.
Linda, being Linda when faced with a challenge , a request, a question even always turns to research. During my research I discovered that Ice Bucket Challenges have been going on for awhile,  its a bit of an adaption to the Polar Bear Challenge on New Years Day ( and oh wait I don’t recall this resentment towards those participants).  So many communities and many charities have benefited over the past year from Ice Bucket Challenges, the challenge gained momentum apparently on June 30th when aired on the Morning Drive, a weekly show airing on the Golf Channel. Apparently on July 15th Golfer Chris Kennedy took the challenge and gave a shout out to his cousin whose husband has been suffering from ALS for 11 years. Pete Frates a former Boston College Baseball Player, himself suffering from this disease then  posted the challenge on twitter and turned the focus to ALS. 
It went viral, shit happens people, good lord name me one Some Country’s Got Talent singer/dancer whose video has not gone viral.  The difference here, is we are finally as a society using our social media addiction for some good.
The purpose of the challenge is supposed to be a Truth or Dare type scenario,  I dare you to do this of forfeit some money ( and that has grown in amounts from 10.00-100.00 for most people), Let’s not hate those that want to do both though OK, awareness is awareness right?  Now to those who wish to do both, that is OK as well, if dumping a bucket of water on your head can bring some awareness or a donation to a worthy cause then go for it….. 
I was challenged and I accepted that Challenge,  man oh man, why is it that I as a Life and Style Blogger ( focus on Style) has zero issues with a million fashion selfies but Omg,  do I feel AWKWARD in front of the Camera.  So took the challenge and dumped the water on my head, beside the pool so there ya go, no waste… and my challenge was to our Children , their girlfriends and friends, I wanted them to take the dare and dump a bucket and we would then make a donation in their name, but i also challenged them to learn about ALS and give me a fact about the disease, so not just awareness that ALS exists but what is it about, who does it affect… and they are taking us up on that.
I have watched celebrities and normal folks, young children, grandparents, parents, you name it, this is a non generational cause that has caught the attention of many nations and raised not just the money but the awareness of  many.  Man I watched a Fashion Blogger dump a bucket on her head still dressed in her Outfit of the Day, heels and all, now that was inspiring…. Friends of my family got hosed down in Wales from the water in the pond and they were not spring chickens and I am pretty confident the temperature in Wales was not 28 like in my backyard. My darling Carly and her new friend Avalon took the challenge in Perth, in the evening in the cold ( still winter there right)
Just a clip for your viewing pleasure
So let’s celebrate the success of a unique campaign and challenge ourselves to continue finding unique ways to raise awareness of many worthwhile causes.
 My challenge is to all of us,  start thinking outside of the box just a little and if someone wants to dump a bucket for awareness, or eat a dozen hot dogs or throw a pie, GO FOR IT. cuz the real issue is regardless of success what matters is the message has gotten to one more person. RIGHT
So for me, I will celebrate with those who wish to join this challenge, I will not judge you if you do not but if you continue to criticize that this cause is not ” worthy” enough or something else deserves something more, then get off your butt and do something about it and do not be too surprised that I may not be aware because I needed to cut your negativity out of my life.  NUFF said

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  • People are unbelievable these days. Everyone at my work stood in line on Saturday and took a splash. That's almost 250 people. We all put in a donation afterwards. Every single person. I don't like reading negative things about positive actions. If it was to happen to someone in their family they'd change their tune. I shared this with my followers on Twitter. I love this post!

    • Thank you, I love the fact so many are embracing this but wow haters gotta hate

  • Karen Goodwin aka Mom

    the effect of the ice water dumped on the head is to mirror the feeling of the ALS patient. Personally Linda, I have lost 3 friends to this horrible disease, and will make my own donation, dumping the cold water would probably kill me. Thank you for your informative rant

    • I did not know about your friends and now I feel even better about my rant. ( loved Lee and Peters lol)

  • I totally agree with you. I thought about a lot of the same things when people started to complain about wasting water, not donating, etc. etc.! Great to know that someone also feels the same ways as I do!

  • I was challenged…but there was not way I could douse myself with ice cold water. I'm a weakling, I admit it! I donated instead! Everybody wins! 😉