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It Can’t be Monday Already

Weekends, why can’t they be five days long….. 
Weather was amazing this weekend and thank heavens because we had a super awesome pool party, we invited all our Bluesfest fellow volunteers for a fun day in the sun. (Plus we wanted to celebrate and show off the new deck, still have to post that step by step venture)
Really wouldn’t you want to show this off too especially if it meant celebrating with great friends.

We had a great turn out and an amazing day together 
and then Sunday got spent like this

and this (I know woe is me)
so back to the real world cuz the weekend is over and we head to work in summer casual.
Reworking last years clothes, Shorts from J Crew, Top and Blazer from Rickis and jewellery from Zellers. Shoes, California 2006 ( hence why mine are not as white as everyone else’s)
 and yes I am constantly with my new toy ( finally broke down and got the IPad, and I love it)

 Bracelet is Lia Sophia and I just thought it added a little something to the outfit
 not as white as yours right??? But they are from 2006….

Ever wear an outfit to death and then a new year comes along and you no longer seem to wear those pieces together, well that is this one,  last summer I swear I lived in these shorts and blazer, dress it up, dress it down, heels, sandals, sneakers, anything went but here it is August and I am just rediscovering that combo again.

Happy Monday folks.

Link up: Laura,Carylee, ElenaStyle RecordFunday and Patty

Previous wears:

see all the blazer/shirt combos were pre blogging days when I had not yet learnt the art of self timers and true selfies.

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  • Oh yes it's Monday already and already mid-august lol. Loving these relaxing Summer photos. Your Black Shorts "Suit" is lovely. What a fun top. =)

    Happy Monday, Friend!

    • Thanks, I just wanna spend the whole week relaxin ( or at least today)

  • What a beautiful space you have, I'm on the next plane to visit :)! I love that outfit! 🙂

  • THAT is your deck?! OMG it's beautiful! I love your outfit, too! Your top is adorable!

    • Thanks, we just finished the bottom deck last week, worked with Trex this time, I love my yard.

  • Ok. First thing, I need to show my hubby the pool pics. I need an inground pool eventually in the next house as swimming is the best for my illness, and your outdoor space is amazing! I can see being out there each day. Your outfit is lovely. Love the jacket with the shorts and your necklace is very pretty
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess


  • Glad you had a nice weekend.

  • Wow, your life in the Summer sounds (and looks!) fabulous! I also love your take on business casual…those sneakers and blazer look AWESOME with the shorts!

  • You look great in shorts! And by the pool too – looks delightful. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  • I have deck and pool envy. Looks so welcoming and relaxing! Love your outfit too. Don't you love the iPad? It's one of my favorite possessions!

  • If this was my deck, I would quit and stay home !!!

  • This is the cutest set up!! I totally agree — why can't weekends be at least one day longer?!

  • Love it! Shorts and blazers look so great together, and that shirt is cute! Your deck is amazing!

  • Cute outfit. Yay for getting a iPod. Glad you had a great weekend.

  • I love the jacket! Not everyone could pull it off, but you can!

  • wow its really nice plus ur outfit is also cute

  • wow i really love it

  • Of course your backyard is amazing … you've done such a great job on your place, you kids! But you're the main attraction in your shorts and blazer. Wonderful blouse, especially! You look so pretty!