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 Well if you are just tuning in for the first time I should caution you, I like to think of myself as a life and style blogger that focuses on the style during the week and the life on the weekends. So you can imagine how much waking up to this face can affect outfit pictures,
Yep you got it sometime between 6:00 Sunday night and 6:00 AM Monday morning my body threw a hissy fit, my left side is so swollen that I can not even smile.

 My attempts at a quick outfit shoot prior to going to the dentist did not merit much success, maybe a hint for the future would be do not wear loose flowy fat clothes when your face is swollen so today we are heading into the Life portion of blogging or actually the crafty side of Linda.

What can you do with burlap, a glue gun, stencils and Sharpies….. well you can do pretty much anything you want. Can we stop for a minute and discuss my love of sharpies.. as you can see I have a plethora of them ( wow big words from me). As a Music Festival volunteer I learnt the value of a sharpie from day one, the only thing that works on a artist satin and for autographs is there anything better but I am digressing from my love of crafts..

This weekend I decided to turn my love for sharpies, scrabble and glue guns into a fun craft.

Word art incorporating family, how cool is that

The simpliest of crafts, purchase small burlap canvases and some cool stencils, get out your sharpies and your glue gun and go crazy. The most difficult part of this task was playing with our names to see how to best place the letters ( play with this on paper first so you get a design that you like.

I used strips of hard cardboard on the back to reinforce the stability,


How cool is this…. now to find the perfect place to hang it because yes I sometimes craft without thinking where I will place said craft.

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  • This looks like the easiest – cutest, DIY ever. Like, this is something that I could actually make (and will be making!!!!!)

  • Love this! So pinning this and doing this down the road!

    • Anne it was so simple and easy, originally was going to use chalkboard paint but Sharpies have been all the rage lately and scrabble tiles are black right

  • I so love this wonderful project! You are one smart crafting cookie LAdy! Thank you for sharing this brilliant and easy idea! <3

    • thanks April, so very, very easy and bonus no mess

  • OH no!!! I am sorry about your swollen face….what the heck happened? Hope you are better! On a happy note, this DIY is adorable!!! I so want to copy!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Shanna, shows no matter how careful you are with your teeth they will bite ya ( yea sad tooth joke) Your girls would love seeing something lie this on their walls I am sure.Plus something they could do, great mom and daughter idea

  • I love this Scrabble inspired craft.

  • I am so sorry about your mouth! I really hope it's feeling better by now! On a positive note, that scrabble project is SO CUTE! I love how it turned out!

    • Thanks, I am slowly getting better, no swelling today.

  • yikes with your mouth – it looks like you got slugged! Hope you are better by now! That craft came out sooo cute! I do that, make cute things and then don't really have a place for it and too attached to give it away!

  • Very cute craft idea! have to try it out