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New twist on an Ole Favourite

Aren’t skirts the most perfect thing… seriously, add a Blouse and Jacket for Winter, a sweater for Fall, a T shirt for Spring and a Tank for Summer. Almost as versatile as a pair of jeans. WOH now that is radical thinking.  I love skirts, especially skirts with pockets. Pairing my Target skirt purchased last fall with a tank and mesh cardi today ( the cardi because the temperature has dropped for August plus air conditioning and offices) why oh why can businesses never get this right, we freeze, we bake there is never a perfect temperature.  Do you work in an office??? have they mastered the art of temperature control yet?? My building not so much, I keep a sweater, a blanket and slippers in my office for those days when it really goes haywire.  Future outfit selfie I think Linda in her lime green blanket and fuzzy slippers while sitting in her office working,  now that would be an awesome selfie.

Are these not like the perfect shoes,  found them at a Kmart in Williamsburg Virginia, off season so they were of course a steal of a deal,  come to think of it, that was one of the most awesome Kmarts I have ever been in for deals.  Williamsburg I am coming home…… 

Skirt Target, Mesh Cardi Banana Republic ( a fav lately), Tank Gap, Shoes Kmart and Necklace hmmm pulling a blank here people maybe Ricki’s?? Bottom line is only the tank is a this year piece everything else has been hanging around for at least 10 months or more…. 

Williamsburg, mentioned it earlier, man I love that place,  soon I will have to pull out my old pictures and give you a few tours of that area.  i really need to start posting my travel pics, 1) because the places are awesome, 2) because most pics were actually taken with a camera and 3) Diversity people gotta get back to the basics and add some oomph to my posts .Speaking of places did ya check out yesterdays post on the Vineyard,  I would like to start a link up and its lonely over there so come join me, you all must have some alcohol related posts so I don’t feel like the only lush in the blog world,  or maybe I am…
Speaking of drinking, yea I know its a theme here this week,  Ottawa has a Craft Beer Fest going on this weekend so guess where I will be…. home at my pool of course. NOT, dang straight we are heading to the fest for some beer and music this weekend. Keep an eye on Instagram for some sneak peeks.

And for some amazing news, I am like 18 posts away from POST 500 ( although over 500 if ya count my drafts) and I am in my Blogversary month.  Not sure of the exact day but if you check my posts my first seems to be August 15th OMG that would be today, but truly in mu head it has been the 20th ( and it wasn’t until October that I discovered posting my outifts on a Page not as a post was not showing up as a post anywhere, OOPS).

Sooooo next week I am hoping to be celebrating my happy One year and then my 500th post how special will that be, stay tuned I need to dream up something wonderful for those occasions. Survey time which is more spectatcular the fact that I have kept this up for a year or the fact that I have managed to post 500 times ( no addiction there)

Happy weekend.

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  • Your shoes and skirt are gorgeous. I love me some Hot Pink. I am wearing in today's post also, if you want to take a peek. You look great Linda.

    Enjoy this weekend!! <3 Ada.

    • Thanks Ada, I love the shoes and so rarely wear them.

  • I love wearing bright colors like fuchsia, makes me happy. You look wonderful. Love the shoes! Please come share at the Anything Goes linky, it;s up now 🙂

  • I seriously love those shoes! I want them!!

    • and can you believe KMart for the win ( and 9.99, I so wish we still had Kmart in Canada)

  • The whole outfit is great! The shoes are fantastic!

  • Those shoes are just too cute with this outfit!! The skirt is really pretty with the hot pink and navy together! Makes a perfect touch!

    • Thank you and may I say thanks for the new shoe link that place is addictive, so wanted your mint green ones but no longer available in my size)

  • Love the skirt!

  • Wow!!! These shoes are from K-Mart???? Super fab find!! The style and color are so fun!!!

  • cute outfit as always

  • Haha! Great skirt, classic pattern, very versatile. I am still a couple of months away from completing my first year of blogging, but it hadn't even occured to me to do something special 🙂

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • hi Linda! Oh perhaps you haven't seen or heard yet but I am going for chemo 6 on Monday! I would have been Friday but there lab computer was down. So I got a few more days of normalcy and getting out into blogland and thanking and hugging everyone and you. see email. ♥

  • Lovely skirt 🙂 I am loving your shoes perfect colour …

    Thanks for linking up #weekendbloghop