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Throwing it back a few years in my outfit selection today ( actually yesterday by the time this posts,yep that’s me a day late and a dollar short). This is a maxi I found at Giant Tiger about five years ago  but I still love it ( only think that would make it perfect would be pockets ( yea I am a pocket gal).
The maxi is the perfect combination of colours that allow this dress to transition from spring to summer to even fall if you really want to think that far ahead, My cardi is a perfect match and an Old Navy find from probably about the same time, so no new pieces for me today.

So transition pieces, outfits that will go from season to season is a great lead in ( wanted segway(sic) but I forgot how to spell today argg and autocorrect cannot read my mind) Back on point about  transitioning, has anyone else noticed that it is only August and everyone already seems to be wishing fall away??? Seriously Michaels now has all Fall wreaths out, the clothing stores are all tights and boots and plaids and fall colours. Even bloggers are starting to talk fall fashions, FOLKS PLEASE STOP,  summer is short enough as it is, we spend the whole winter wishing for warm weather and sunshine, and bare legs and and then it arrives and all we can talk about is friggin FALL,  OK for me Fall is a four letter word at the moment.  I am not jumping on the early bandwagon and in fact I will be maintaining my summer wardrobe for as long as this Canadian weather will let me.  I am not yet tired of my summer outfits, heck i believe I still have a ton of stuff not even worn yet, so retailers leave me alone, Summer is at a minimum not over until Sept 21st and even then we move into”indian Summer” ( is that even politically correct and allowed to be said anymore??).

I will not be blogging about Fall Trends, I will not be wearing Fall outfits and I sure as heck will be holding on to summer, so here’s hoping I still can keep you interested with my witty banter and awesome photos because I am not going to hold it with ” Fall” stuff.

OK yes it is true I was having hair issues today, actually not today just during my selfie shoot. Wore my hair up all day today but then when I got home to take pictures I seemed to suffer a hair crisis, up, down, curly, frizzy so what the heck lets just show them all.

Oops lost the shoes in most of the pics too, I did have pictures with shoes on but I did not like most of them and it was 35 degrees ( 94 F) so all I really wanted to do was get the swimsuit on and go swimming, so yeah rushed photos. Normally I try and take pictures in the morning but that just did not work for these so instead at 4:30 I was running from spot to spot ( actually sauntering but that does not give you the sense of urgency that I thought should be portrayed here)
Bracelet on the right is my trustee elastic,  one of those elusive difficult to find pieces that everyone wants, LOL.  At least it matches as does my fitbit today

I know the lighting sucks but I really liked this picture, totally random, I was trying to take my hair out of the bun it was in all day and forgot how much time I had on the timer, so random selfie.
Necklace and earrings an Avon purchase from several years back and the shoes that yes I really did wear with this outfit are Payless.
Happy Summer and Happy Tuesday folks

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  • This is such a great maxi dress on you! I've been shopping my closet a lot lately sometimes it's the best thing to do! Thanks for linking up too:)
    Marta, xo

    • Sometimes we get to focused on everything new and forget that items we purchased because we loved them are still wearable.

  • Oh I love shopping my closet, which I did with my current dress I posted also. That teal paisley maxi and matching necklace are gorgeous. Love the last photo of you, on the stairs. Looking great. =)

    • thanks, shopping our closets is the in thing I guess

  • I love this outfit! I wish I had more maxi's, haha now that summer is almost over I guess I missed my chance for this year. I'm always behind. Haha. You look great! Happy Tuesday!

    • It's never to late and Maxi's are so transitional into each season

  • I really like the print Linda! I love teals and browns and the style looks so comfortable as well. A win win in my book!
    I like summer too, but it has been pretty hot and humid this year in Charlotte.
    Have a great day
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

  • Pretty dress! I love the necklace too!

  • BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The accessories are gorgeous too! thanks so much for linking up with Tremendous Tuesday!!

    hope to see you next week!


  • Lovely dress! It looks gorgeous on you!

  • Love the dress! So pretty on you! Love that you're talking summer and I'm talking fall today! 🙂

  • You are so funny! I am guilty of looking forward to Fall, but I won't say another word in front of you, okay?!

  • That dress looks awesome on you. I love the print.

  • I stretch out summer for as long as possible in Glasgow, too—even if the weather doesn't cooperate!

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼