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Yellow Wellies and a need for wine

Ever have one of those days, tough day at work… get home and everything is just to much so you want/need to crack open that bottle of wine……

Ok well that was not my day, had a great day at work got home and Kent made homemade spaghetti and garlic bread (but I did clean the bathrooms while Kent cooked so you should feel some sympathy right) and decided to open a bottle or two of wine…   OK I know slightly misleading but sometimes midweek   people might think I am a lush if I opened with hmmm try this wine we had last night…  seriously though this was a 90 point wine and once you open it you will know why, only sad thing is I do not have any left, cue the violins here people.

So weather wise was a wellie day to quote my British friends, so out come the sunny yellow wellies….

Ever try to take pictures with an umbrella?? so if its a yes how the heck do you adjust the lighting, Plus then you have to leave the tripod and Ipad in the garage cuz gotta keep it dry….so yea lighting not so great.

J Crew striped dress, one of my favs and wore a Joe Fresh Shirt dress over as a coat. Necklace from Ebay and umbrella from Coach.. Wellies were  a Zellers special

So seriously back on the wine topic, do ya like wine at all??? I do.. maybe a bit, or maybe a lot… we are wine drinkers and we love visiting wineries, so much so that every where we go we try and find local vineyards to visit.  In July while in Southern Ontario we took a side trip to Niagara on the lake and visited one ot two ( or maybe 6 or 7) and picked up a couple 45 bottles of wine. Say,  did you just call me a lush.
and with that it leads me perfectly into my new wine series starting soon, thinking a Thirsty Thursday Series, does that not sound to cool, let me take you on a tour of Niagara every week a different vineyard showcased, think that is something that might be of interest?
and just in case you need some persuasion as to how awesome our vineyards are:

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  • nice outfit plus great description

  • I need yellow wellies!!!

    • they make it almost seem OK that it is raining Almost.

  • Such a cute outfit! The blue and yellow combo brightens up this rainy day look!


  • Love your striped dress! It looks so cute with your yellow wellies. 🙂


  • OMG linda! That vineyard is really pretty same with the building! I love a good rainy day for pictures and those boots are seriously adorable! I need a pair of those types of boots!!!

  • What a cute outfit! I'm getting rain boots for this winter. Hah I love them!

  • Love it Linda! Huge fan of yellow with navy! I love the navy striped dress and your cute wellies, and yes, that red wine looks like it is order! Funny, I had a craving for lasagna just the other night. Have a great weeknd,
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  • Super cute! I love the striped dress and it looks awesome with the yellow wellies (and the yellow heels too). That vineyard is gorgeous!

  • I always appreciate a wine-o girl! Sounds like the perfect night! A 90 point bottle of wine, homemade spaghetti and garlic bread, and a clean bathroom!

  • Love the blue and yellow and your wellies! So cute! Your pictures are beautiful!!

  • I have this J.Crew dress! I really love how you added the pop of yellow. This is an amazing look. You're so cute.

    On another note, it was so great to have you join style confessions link-up last week… I just adored seeing your favorite look of the week. Please feel free to join us again, over at http://sequinsandstyle.com/week-7-linkup/. 🙂


  • nice outfit

  • I have yellow wellies too! I love them, they make me so happy when it's raining/snowing and everyone else is in black.

  • Yellow Wellies and a need for wine. Ever have one of those days, tough day at work… eyellowrainboots.blogspot.com