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4 Critical Pieces to Wear Shopping and Little Friday

I may or may not like shopping,  OK yea it is true I love shopping and yep we may just have spent six hours shopping at Crossings Premium Outlets. Six hours well spent though people I did score many a great bargain including an amazing Kenneth Cole leather duffel for Kent that we have been searching for a long long time.  Further shopping reveals will have to be a separate post though because today is all about how to successfully shop in the most time effective manner,

See this very plain, simple outfit I am wearing, true you have seen all these pieces so I am sure you are like what the heck, not very original here Linda, Well this is a warm/cool weather shopping outfit.

So a key points to always remember

1) dress for in and out of stores, bulk is not comfortable. several light layers ensure you can  weather what ever temperature the stores and Mother Nature throw at you.

2) dress to ensure you do not have to wait for dressing rooms, who wants to waste crucial time waiting, seriously bargains have been lost over far less, always wear a Tank layered under a light- weight sweater/cardi/jacket.  This was you can try the sweater/blouse/scarf without a dressing room, why waste valuable shopping time is my moto.

3) shoes are key, not only do they need to be comfortable, if they slip easily on and off, no wasting time. Seriously stopping to tie and untie shoes, remove socks, all added time wasters. That perfect dress at an amazing price may slip through your fingers because you are tying shoes and me I am already on to the next store.

4) Contacts and sunglasses, on this I am torn,  wearing my contacts is great for tring on sunglasses and glasses but true confession I look older because the eyes are truly out there in all their wrinkled glory and gosh darn price tags are written in a font size that should be illegal.

5) Finally no big jewellery because this will cause a distraction and be an inconvenience if you need to remove to try on clothes,  add a scarf, easy on, easy off ( and for some reason I did not get a picture of my scarf ( OK maybe because I actually did not wear one out but I did find one at J Crew that I then wore all day.

So my perfect shopping outfit,  my navy Tommy 1) Tank layered under my Banana Republic Mesh 2) Cardi, a pair of J Crew Plaid Shorts and my 3) Toms. Add Forever 21 sunglasses and a simple pair of silver 4) earrings.

shopping outfits

j crew shorts

banana republic cardigan

tom shoes

posing in the Poconos


PS Ignore the hair which went through various stages of up and down all day because apparently I forgot to read the notice that said planned power outage for just when I wanted to dry my hair, oops.

Before we went shopping and I went outside to take pictures we had a special guest or two drop by to visit, meet my little friend Fawn…

deer grazing
deer grazing


and OMG it is Thursday and I have not even started my Vineyard post so it may be a bit late ( but true fact I am heading out to visit two vineyards today Sorrenti and Tolino in the Poconos, stay tuned for those reveals later)

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Happy Little Friday Everyone!

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup
The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

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  • Love those shorts! Oh hey little dear, whats up?! When we walk in the park they come up to you, haha. They're cute! I hope you have a great Thursday!

  • great shopping tips. I really like the shorts you are wearing.

  • What great tips! I like the lightweight layers rule, I often try things on over a tank in the aisles of Target…oops!

    • I think I just did that at Target tonight oops again, so much easier then the fitting rooms

  • Love the madras print! So fun! Thank you for linking up with us for Thursday Style Confessions!!
    xoxo Crystal