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5 travel Pet Peeves

So no big surprise if you follow me on Instagram, twitter, facebook, heck if ya follow me at all on anything then you know I have been travelling lately.  Pennsylvania, Whitehorse, Yellowknife, heck i even stayed the weekend in a Hotel in my hometown of Ottawa.. well the more I travel the more ticked I get a travelers and airlines. So today because I do not have any real awesome outfit pics
 ( come on peeps I was in an airport/plane and hotel all day) I decided to tell you a few things that kind of bother me.( and I would love to hear from you as to what you think of my ” issues” and are there any I am forgetting….
So in random order:
1) Sweatpants/yoga pants…. what has happened to any sense of fashion while traveling… I am sorry it is not ok to wear sweatpants wile traveling, they are not pretty, you do not look attractive and seriously folks take a little pride in your appearance.. and why is it that most people who wear yoga pants while traveling have probably never ever, ever held a yoga pose????  Yes this may seem harsh butthere are many attractive comfortable outfits… seriously if you go to the office and sit in a chair in decent attire why would you think a plane is any different
2) Fellow passengers,  do you know what a “liquid” is??? not a solid, not a gas, L-I-Q-U-I-D… Seriously its only been what 9 years since they implemented that rule…( Actually August 2006 but whos counting right)  I know maybe this is your first time flying and maybe you can’t read and you don’t understand what all those signs mean that have bottles with an “x” through them..  but wait no this isn’t your first time, you just think you should be able to bring the water bottle, and the full bottle of shampoo and every liquid you own through because you are totally trustworthy.  I really cannot believe how many people slow up the entire process because they are carrying liquids in their carry on..

3) Seat stealers… OK it is not my problem that you did not check in early or did not get the seat you wanted, this is my friggin seat…. If I can get to the airport on time to get a seat then so can you.. and no your middle is not equal to my aisle or window,  learn to deal…
4) lost luggage and airline rules…. I am not allowed to travel or catch an earlier flight if I have luggage,  my bag MUST be on the same plane as me… so how then does my luggage not make it?? Its OK for you to take my bags off the plane or forget them… Does that make any sense,  if a bag must travel with a passenger then should you not have to be more careful and make sure that happens….
and my final
5) Bags in the cabin.. I do not carry bags on the plane if at all possible and I seriously get pissed when I get to me seat and the overhead is already full…. there are so many things wrong with this…if you do not have room at your seat you think its Ok to take my space??? Why don’t the airlines make you keep your luggage at your seat and if it doesn’t fit then it gets checked.  or new rule,  if you check your bag no charge but if you carry a suitcase on the plane you get charged. How about those passengers that dump their bag at the front taking my overhead bin and then I have to place stuff at the back,  does that make sense, NO I did not think so.
Honestly folks doesn’t it perplex you the rules of airlines??? I get penalized if I check a bag but you get rewarded by carrying your life onto the plane,  have you ever seen a passenger not allowed to carry bags into the cabin.. no, but I get friggin charged for trying to be considerate. You can leave your bag at my seat meaning you are not even in control of said bag but that’s ok.  Airlines are a paradox. They no longer serve free food but if you are hungry then you have to use a credit card because they do not want to accept cash, WHAT,  no cash ( or maybe that is just Air Canada) So I am expected to use a credit card for a chocolate bar, hmmmm,  Maybe its time I stayed home for a week or two and let the frustrations ease away…..
So for me,  No I carry a purse and a small bag with a magazine and my Ipad, I don’t wear sweatpants and I don’t carry liquids so yea I can preach a little bit.
My go to is usually Jeans/ Sweater and Boots…. add a scarf to use as a blanket if cold and I am good to go.  You may recall this sweater from last week but it is the perfect travel accessory,  this week I brought my skinnies ( instead of B/F) and tall boots vs Booties. ( and how about that awesome Kate Spade Popcorn Tote,  it is perfect….
travel picture from Instagram
vanheusen sweater Forever 21 Scarf



yellowknife selfie
I arrived in Yellowknife so yea Selfie…..
travel outfit

So spill folks, got any travel pet peeves?? or what is your go to travel outfit????

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  • Forgive me if this is a duplicate comment….I commented with my phone first and I don't think it's been going through. I too am annoyed by the seat stealers and the people trying to get the liquids past the security people. I have to admit though I would be the one in comfy clothes…not jeans but maybe boots and leggings. You on the other hand always look fabulous no matter what you're doing or where you are going!

    • boots and leggings are perfectly acceptable, and thank you

  • I hear you on the overhead storage. I take a carry on mainly due to when I flying I'm going oversea. When I was flying to Michigan to Germany. My bag flow 1st class due to there wasn't any room for my bag.

    Also don't understand how people can flow the liquid rule. I follow it all the time when on a train when they have no rules about it.

    • A bag is perfectlty acceptable and everyone is allowed some room but I saw some people yesterday unbelievable, suitcae ( large) briefcase, laptop case, shopping bags and then they take up all the space. I just wish the airlines were more strict about it.

  • i went to Newfoundland in May and some of these happened to me, I had no overhead storage room, I just had a carry on bag with a change of clothes for the funeral, I wasn't gonna be there over night, flight in, funeral, flight out, the guy next to me was dirty, he said he didn't clean up after leaving his job as he was in a hurry, it was a stinky flight 😉

    • exactly.. really can ruin an otherwise good flight

  • YESSSS on the whole fashion thing. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!

  • I'm in agreement with all your peeves. I'm most annoyed with the seat stealers.

  • I love your plaid scarf.

  • I agree 100% with all of these travel pet peeves!! The overhead bin things KILLS me.
    – Kim Pincombe Cole

  • Jenn

    I basically have the same pet peeves as you except for the fashion one just because I really don't care about what other people are wearing – to each their own you know? It's not like what they're wearing is bothering me, whereas for example, people who take my cabin space does! if people chose comfort over fashion, that's fine with me you know what I mean? just my opinion!

  • OMG I couldn't agree more with 1 & 5. Your outfits are so warm and cozy. Love that warm thick cardigan and your chevron necklace.

  • Love this and really love the scarf. I don't travel much, but one of my hugest pet peeves is yoga pants…pretty much anywhere except yoga class. And leggings are not pants. If they were, they'd be called pants. 🙂

  • I'm a frequent long distance flight traveler and the thing I hate the most is crying babies / or just generally, kids of all ages.