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Welcome to Fall

It appears I have to go from one extreme to the other in my life, O.K. slight exaggeration but I did just spend a week in the Poconos, home for a night and now I am off to Whitehorse for five (5) days.

This is Celsius so don’t feel to bad for me folks ( quick conversion times 2 plus 30 gives you the Fahrenheit equivalent). On a very positive note these temps make it really easy to think Fall outfits and transitioning to cooler weather…. and that works out really well for me today because I am linking up with the fair Ashley over at The Grits Blog. It s my understanding that the poor dear is suffering from 90 degree weather so should be fun to see how she transitions,  ignore the drops of sweat on her brow is my guess.  On a serious note I am so very excited to be back working with Ashley, we did a summer link up back in June so a chance to see how we both transition into fall should be fun.
For me temps are getting fall like so breaking out the flannels is definitely in the cards but I am a summer gal at heart so I will try and hold on as long as possible.  September is a funny month, mornings and evening are chilly but if we get the sun shining during the day well it can get warm.  Layers are key…. Saturday, I was in the Poconos and heading to my first Rodeo ( story for later I promise) so… Flannel, sweater, T shirt all in order…

I was actually gathering twigs/wood for real, we bought the wettest wood that did not want to burn in the fireplace so we resorted to finding kindling around the condo. ( and yes I did wear white pants gathering wood and to the Rodeo, I like them….)

The cardigan was only necessary till noon and then after the sun went down.  Cardigan Old Navy (seen several times already this week) Flannel Forever 21 and I love it.. I wore my Canada  Shirt underneath, wanted to wear my white Holy Chic but seemed to appropriate to wear Canada. Jeans are Joe Fresh and Shoes- Converse. Watch is Forever 21

And when I post beer pictures on Instagram I really do drink it….and forgive the chipped nails please)
This is my favourite picture of the day, sitting on a hill on a blanket in 77 degree temperatures with this guy, a perfect day… 

and I may have indulged in deep-fried oreo’s…. 

so fall to me is all about sweaters and flannels and denim and boots but for now … white baby white, holding on to a few warm weather pieces for a wee bit longer now let’s hop down to sunny Florida and see what Ashley has in store.

If you haven’t met me yet (HEY!! I’m Ash from The Grits Blog!!) there is one singular fact that you need to know before you go further. 
I live in Florida. 
Yes. Florida. 
This means it goes from SCORCHING HUMID to BRITTLE COLD in the blink of an eye. That being said, we do experience the seasons – just in shorter measures than pretty much everyone else. So in regards to fall, believe it or not – we do have a fall season…it just comes later than for most other people – like in December, sometimes January and lasts for like a week. 
So for those who live in a warmer climate, I thought I would cater to you and show you how I transition to Fall – because let’s just face the hard truth, while everyone else in the country is walking around in those adorable tartan scarfs and knee high leather booths – we are still in our wedges. 

The top in the pictures is my favorite top in my closet – as you can see it’s a tunic. These work great for me and my body -because nothing is shown ha! But in all seriousness, it it lays just right and it’s one that I wear year-round, because I mean why not bring a bit of summer with you all year.

How do you transition to Fall?

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  • I LOVE this flannel look on you, so casual and fun and FALL like;)

  • You sure are have cold weather. It is 14c here in Germany. Sweater, boot and thermal legging/tights are my key fashion items for fall

  • I need/want that buffalo plaid button-down. Such a chic Fall look which I pinned. Your blogger friend did a great job transitioning into Fall just by switching up the shoes, also. =)