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Hectic Weekend times 3

Wow its been just over a year since I started blogging and todays outfit post is reminiscent of those days and no I am not regressing it is just one of those life really is exciting and busy. We have had a crazy week and an insane weekend.
The boys came back from the East Coast several days early so I have been living in a houseful of testosterone.  Now some of you are used to it I am sure ( and yes I have been surrounded by it for years) but I am talking SIX (6) adult males, and four of them between 20 and 23 so now are ya feeling it for me yet.  So the wee was crazy ( fun Crazy).
This weekend lets go over a quick recap with a review of the ouitfits. Friday saw my Canada Day hold on to Summer Outfit, which of course you have already seen right???
Well left the office after a bit of a crazy day because I am out of the office for the next three weeks, vacation (yea Pennsylvania) then off to Whitehorse and Yellowknife for work ( bet you can’t wait for those pictures).
Friday Night the boys had a show in Ottawa, so need to dress for an Indie Bar Scene with temperatures dropping, so falling back into my youthful days.
Distressed Boyfriends from Old Navy, Boots from Forever 21, TShirt RM & The Honest Heart Collective from the band and my Danier Suede Jacket(Old) (PS added my leopard scarf which you will see on Sundays outfit)
bf jeans, tshirt dressing, suede jacket
Saturday, after packing and getting the houseful of testosterone up and moving we were heading to Kingstom for the day/night as the boys had another show, this time at The Merchant Taphouse (great bar) and amazing crowd. So outfit is a totally, car comfortable and then head to bar outfit, so this one is a total Old Navy suit…… T Shirt , Skinnies and Boyfriend Cardigan ( all pieces worn before but not together) and the boots from Friday night. ( and yep scarf was added again)

old navt eternal sunshine, skinnies and bf cardigan

Now Sunday after two nights of hitting the bars and staying up late with our Rockstars, I was going to be sitting in a car for 5-6 hours travelling to the Poconos, so yea skinnies, TShirt and my boyfriend Cardigan again. and this time my black converse. Finally a somewhat bad shoot of the famous scarf, worn a lot.( and yes apparently an entire Old Navy extravaganza)
P.S. This is after the car ride at Ridge Top Villas/Shawnee on the Delaware.

old navy skinnies and bf cardigan, holy chic

There ya have it, a lot of true selfie outfit shoots but at least a brief glimpse into that which I call life.
This week will be filled with very casual fall outfits but hopefully some cool backgrounds.
Have a great day folks, I am planning on hitting the pool and mini golf and doing nothing strenuous


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  • I love that necklace in the 2nd outfit! and I've been craving the holy chic shirt from old navy, gonna have to grab it now 🙂

  • I need a pair of distressed jeans! they're always so cute on people!

  • You are rocking all of these outfit. I hope you have a great vacation.