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Apparently I need a Mixer

First day in the Poconos, weather is beautiful, lots of time for pictures and we went shopping at the Antique Store.

Apparently I discovered it may be time for a new mixer…. while browsing at the Olde Engine Works Market Place I stumbled across this baby,  isn’t she beautiful???

Only one problem I have the exact same one at home and I still use it,  good lord maybe it is time I invested in a Kitchen Aid.  I knew mine was old but seriously to find it at an antique store.( and for proof check this) and then I found myself a new hat for fall,  this was on my list of look for but I honestly was not expecting to find one at an antique shop.  ( which made me feel slightly better about the mixer) Love the colour and the shape so this will be my fall go to.

For shopping today the temperature was nice, the sun was shining so J Crew Shorts with my Michael Kors Sweater,  wore my Gap Tank underneath and sandals from Old Navy.





Is this not a great back drop and this is outside our condo unit,  neighbours probably think I am nuts but oh well,  and first official shoot with my Canon Rebel, ( and yea they do look better then the IPad and i can say that with confidence as I took the pictures with the camera and the IPad and compared the two)








Tomorrow we are hitting the Outlet Mall and then Wednesday golfing, its a pretty rough life  isn’t it.

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  • yay for using your Canon Rebel. Also you look super cute in that hat.

  • I am glad you are enjoying yourself and the new Canon takes great photos. Love the green-striped tee. Did you see the post for the Aspiring Blogger Award, yet?

    • Thanks Ada, the stripes are fro MK, I have not seen the post yet

  • Sounds like a fun time, Linda. Like the green and navy on you, hte shots are pretty with the camera. I love being outdoors, so we head camping in a couple weeks. The antique shop looks fun
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess

  • Love the hat and the cute outfit. and yes… might be time for a new mixer!

  • LOL Yes might be time for a new mixer. I have a hot pink Kitchenaid and LOOOVVEEEEE IT

  • Kitchen AIdes are amazing but if your old one still works why replace it!

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼