Loving Life after 50

Like Pinocchio I am now a real Boy I mean Blogger

Warning:  Full of GIF’s cuz I just had to tonight

I could scream after I finish shouting from the roof tops that is….. I feel like a real blogger now… www.alabouroflife.com is my new address and it has only taken like three months.

I have a Go Daddy account and I have had this for quite a few months ( Thank you so much Klout) but I never seemed to master the blogger to godaddy redirect,  seriously DNS, CNAME, this was all Greek to me, I could not figure it out at all. I googled it, I asked Blogger, I asked Go Daddy,  I played around and always was unsuccessful.. I sought out referrals of who could do this, I sent out emails asking for help, hell I even tried to pay to have it done but the person never got back to me.
 Today I was feeling ambitious ( seriously I have cleaned out more drawers in my house, built a new shoe rack, tackled the kitchen junk drawer, cleared out the buffet, found 4 dozen candles) so this evening was dedicated to all things blogging….

yea, I know, how many of you are feeling my pain at the moment……
Well after surfing, reading and re-reading and probably buying something I did not need to on 
Go Daddy ( or maybe I needed that all along to make life super swell). I found an article which was reading like greek to me but I am not a quitter so I pushed forward. then I came to this…………………
Edit the www CNAME record for the domain name you want to use with your Blogger account. This update tells the Web browser to open your Blogger blog when visitors enter your domain name’s URL in the browser address bar. You can automatically configure your DNS with this tool.

and I went OK this should help right, so I clicked on the tool and it asked for my domain.
go daddy blogger domain
I figured it was going to maybe simplify the whole dns, cname…. stuff, well talk about simplify.
I typed my domain name, hit enter and wham bam my whole life changed in a second.  I am no longer a “blogspot”, I am me.
Finally after all this time I can tell the world I am www.alabouroflife.com, and now I shall fret about the fact that I used the Canadian spelling so no-one will find me anyway… but for tonight I will sit here reveling in my success and plotting my next blog moves.
Happy Saturday night Folks and oh yea I am happy, happy, happy because the boys are coming back to Ottawa early. ( Sad that their East Coast shows got cancelled but really happy we will get to ejoy their company for three extra days).
( so wanted to insert ” Happy” here but I figured maybe I have enough gifs already, aw hell)

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  • Congrats Lady, proud of you

    • and I guess it still works cuz you found me yea….

  • Congrats on your domain name. One of these year I will get my own.

    • KLout provided it free of charge for one year as a "perk" which is why I made the switch when I did but now that is working I thin I will keep it

  • I am ***SO EXCITED** for you!!! Some ppl spend thousands having someone set up a site for them, you managed on your own!!!! I wouldn't know how to get a domain name, website, etc. I can see why you feel so thrilled!!! I recall when I needed to hang drapes, and I called around for estimates, I couldn't believe how much they wanted to charge to put up drapery hardware, so I bought a drill and did it myself. I felt so EMPOWERED!!! I couldn't come down off that high, the scary part is I was trying to drill holes in anything and everything after my first success. But it is a wonderful feeling to accomplish something that for one reason or another wasn't happening, esp when you DIY!!! and save the bucks! I didn't even notice that it was the Canadian spelling. Yeaa!!! Yippee!!!

    • I do that too, investigate, then go wtf I can do this myself all the time, I am so so cheap

  • Congrats! Getting your own domain is exciting news. loved the gifs btw haha

    • thanks, I felt so good and so wtf that is it I finally did it…

  • Congratulations on your domain name! (also the gifs are on point) 🙂 x

  • Lol .. Funny pictures! Congratulations!!!

  • Oh have I been there! I think I spent 2 whole days of my life trying to figure out how to get mine to go live. I totally understand. The pictures are grrreat! Congrats!