Loving Life after 50

Major Milestones

A year ago in August I embarked on a bit of an adventure, I decided I was plugging up my Instagram with too many outfit selfies and shoe pictures and maybe I should start blogging about them instead.
Little did I know that if I thought I posted a lot of selfies before it would be nothing compared to what I do now, so much for that rationale from saving my kids from all my OOTD`s on Instagram. Yes just a little over a year ago, although it took me till November to figure out that posting all my outfits and shoes to a `Page`was not considered a `Post“, but we all have learnt and grown.. and thank the lord for that when I see some of my first posts and the pictures that went along with it.  I let the Blogversary date kind of slide by but today something absolutely stupendous is happening…

Today I am posting my 500 blog post ( cuz yes I cheat and do not stick to one post a day sometimes and I did not take the summer off so FIVE HUNDRED…..


So it seems only fitting that I would want to celebrate with all my besties from Hogwarts Blog Land
So how exactly does one celebrate this occasion, surely I should have an amazing post to recognize this achievement right? Well maybe if I was a better planner, and maybe if it wasn’t a long weekend, and we had four musicians staying with us or maybe if I was not prepping for yet another root canal tomorrow because of the awful infection… yea so I think you get the point that I may have been slightly distracted lately and thus did not plan this very well. I am lucky I happened to notice 499 when I went back to correct a spelling mistake on my last post. ( Does anyone else do that???? Think you have proof read everything and then realize you have spelling mistakes or missed words and you keep going back and editing already published posts?? Is there a rule against that?? Hope not or I am in trouble.

So for today, for a 500 post, I wish to celebrate by sharing my guys with you.. we went to Toronto on Friday Night to catch their show and then they came to Ottawa for Sunday for a Private Function.  So we got to spend some quality time together sharing great food, greater wine and lots of song and yuk yuk’s and I finally got to hear their new cover of Hurt. ( Have a listen, aren’t they great)

and to top off an already amazing weekend I found bargains at Target and Old Navy, so score for Linda. The only sad piece on Saturday was those lovely plaid sneaks that I want are not in my size so I need to find another Target, seriously there can’t be that many 6’s around right????

I picked up this awesome T Shirt,  so me isn’t it,  Miss Suzy Sunshine, so Eternal Sunshine is my new motto.

and these sweet little things were less than $10.00 at Old Navy.

and to top off my day the boys still had some of their Kozzy’s left so I am resting “Blogging is my Cardio” and while I await my new “Blog like its Hot” one, I have this awesome one to use.

and to highlight how far I think I have come I give to you my first real OOTD Post and the  page vs post confessional
My First Real Outfit Post…….

and my first post of an outfit on my blog can be found here, I sure did love my diptics.

As a final reminder it seems only fitting to refer you to the $500.00 Amazon Giveaway, and maybe if I get 500 hits today on my 500 post then one of you will win 500.00 and there is only three days left so please enter.
Plus the Target Giveaway or the 300.00 to Forever 21 you heard it right, three friggin amazing giveaways for my 500th post.

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  • You look so pretty!
    Nice photos!
    Congrats for your Mislestone!

  • Yeaa, congratulations on 500 posts! Wow, that is a lot of effort and cute photos and all. You found some really good bargains, I love the tee and the sandals, you folks had a good time!

  • congrats!!!!!!!!

  • Great scores in Toronto this weekend! And your boys do sound great!! 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  • Congratulations on your milestones. I loved that first outfit from Instagram. I always love when you wear Green and/or Yellow.

    From the current OOTD I love the Eternal T-Shirt, Madras Shorts and especially the Sandals.

  • Congrats on your milestone!

  • Happy 500!!

  • Linda! I love the red ensemble more than the green, but I like the green one, too. happy and crazy 500 posts!?! Are you nuts or something? I do great if I get 4 a week, esp during chemo. 5 more fricken days of symptoms, girl friend! I am crazy over the day of Monday September 8th!!! ♥

  • I want that eternal sunshine shirt!!

  • Congrats on your 500th post!

  • Yay! 500 is such a milestone! Congratulations!

  • Love your shoe find! They are super cute. Congrats on the 500th post!

  • Great finds! I love those Old Navy sandals and may have to find a pair for myself;)

  • Happy 500!!