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Thirsty Thursday Series- Konzelmann Estate Winery

Our next stop on our Vineyard tour was Konzelmann Estate Winery. Konzelmann Estate Winery is situated on the south shore of Lake Ontario in one of Canada’s premier wine regions, Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is owned and operated by Herbert and Gudrun Konzelmann,  For over a century there has been a winery in the Konzelmann family. Expertise, techniques and most importantly, the passion to ensure that the job is done well has been handed down through six generations.

Konzelmann is the only vineyard actually situated on the lake, offering a spectacular view of Lake and vines. I never get tired of visitng this vineyard. The water, the vines the beautiful stone building…



This vineyard has several tasting rooms each quite different and unique from the others. There also is a plentiful supply of wine memorabilia. Featured on many of their Varietals is the Canadian Moose, sometimes I thnk that is what keeps drawing me back as that is Kent’s nickname for my little Meeko, so anything Moose related is a welcome addition.  Seriously not the only reason as I do like this series.



The Main Tasting Area featuring the tasting bar and a boutique filled with all things wine related.


I am always drawn to wine barrel crafts… is this chalkboard not just amazing…



Second tasting area just off the boutique.





And yet another unique tasting area off the Main Lobby.

Browsing back in the Boutique



How to keep a guy happy, brown bag bottles of wine, a leather chair and great company of course


Konzelmann offers a wide variety of over 30 different VQA wines for tasting and purchase. One will find a lot of the Konzelmann Wines at the LCBO Stores in Ontario ( and yes at Duty Free as well) Experience the history and craftsmanship yourself with a bottle from Konzelmann, or a memorable visit to the winery!
WE did not pick up a lot of bottles here as they are available at our liquor stores, but we did pick up some chocolate and a few wine trinkets.


Konzelmann is a must visit if you are in Niagara, that view of Lake Ontario and vines.

If you have any wines stories you would like to share I would love to have you link up with me
and if this is your first time here, you need to visit Ravine, Southbrook and Lailey.


A Labour of Life
A Labour of Life


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  • Every Thursday after reading your blog I want to go to a winery…..it always seems like a fun thing to do with a group of friends. The closest winery to me is in western NY. Im thinking we need to hire a driver or stay overnight!

  • I have never had wine from that part of the world. Bet it is great tasting.

  • Looks like a wonderful winery!!!! Great pics!!
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