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This is my life

Thank heavens ( and my union) for what we call ” Compressed work Weeks” that allow me to experience many a three day weekend. This past weekend we enjoyed another glorious three days off, and the timing was perfect because the boys had to cancel a few shows in the East Coast so they came back to Ottawa early.  They arrived late Saturday evening so then we got to spend two days socializing,.
Marking off yet another boring weekend in the life of Linda ( and an adjusting to a houseful of testosterone, man oh man the dynamics in a house sure can change)

The pool and hottub were always full

pool and hot tub

The Bocchi set got lots of use, culminating in a Bocchi tournament yesterday to crown the
 ” King of the World”
  and lots of big meals, which means copious amounts of wine and beer and of course Poker tournaments and NFL football
family dinner
and of course the BBQ Donuts made another appearance because seriously who doesn’t love BBQ donuts and ice-cream
honey glaze donuts

and while they played bocchi I was even able to get a little me time in
pool time

and today I am back at the office and the boys are all home sleeping because the four musicians who have invaded my house are all Vampires who stay up all night and sleep all day. ( Seriously they were in the hotub till 5:00 a.m. Monday morning and I last heard them last night about 2ish just heading out for more hottub.)  and I am sure you noticed they all have the complexion that screams VAMPIRE.
Well for the quiet of the office and the last few days of summer I am still resisting that move into fall attire.. plus this morning I realized one of the vampires was sleeping n my shoe room as I had to adjust what I was wearing to which pair of shoes could I grab quickly.
My Favourite J Crew Shorts, paired with my Ricki’s Blazer seemed perfect for today.
Added a lace top from Joe Fresh (similar) and my Shoe Dazzle Oxfords.

shorts suit

J Crew Chino Shorts navy

joe fresh lace blouse

floral oxfords shoe dazzle

love and hearts
and finally the NFL takes the steps necessary and deals with an abuser appropriately, and kudos that the CFL has also banned him.

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  • Those shoes are killer! Love this whole look!

  • Your life sounds amazing right now Linda. And you look amazing in this Monochromatic Navy Outfit. I am loving the Shorts & Floral Brogues. Hot Stuff!!

    I have on a little Navy in today's outfit too. Such a pretty, understated color.

  • You have a nice home that is very inviting, no wonder they come to stay! Pool, good eats, bocchi, nice yard, Ottowa sounds wonderful!! Those are cute shoes, maybe the vampire in the closet was meant to be!!!

  • You shoe are amazing. I'm also glad they ban him.

    • thanks I fell in love with them when I saw them and now oxfords are back so I am golden

  • I love those shoes! This looks like a good time to me. I love that coozie! hah, cute! Happy Tuesday!

  • Wow! Your life is festive and full… What a blessing (and I like your shoes too!!) Have a great week…. 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  • Jenn E

    Those shoes! Love! Also, yes to BBQ donuts.. YUM!!

  • You look adorable in that shorts and blazer combo. And those shoes-OMG! So cute!

  • Thanks, holding on to summer as long as I can

  • Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Looks like you had a lot of fun during your long weekend! Also, the top you have on is very darling on you! Also, thanks for linking up with Fashion Item Friday!


  • From the final pictures of you, you managed to enjoy your full and diverse weekend very much

  • Love love love your outfit & those shoes are amazing they bring such a pop of color! Also I must try BBQ donuts i've never heard such a thing before.

  • Loved your blazer outfit, especially the shoes!

  • Wow! It sure looks like you know to have a good time! I bet you are so much fun to hang out with!

  • I love your outfits !!!