Loving Life after 50

Vacation is looming

Ick it is a cloudy, rainy day today bit t least it is not yet cold.  I swear I think my yellow wellies have seen more action on this blog than anything else I own ( OK yea occasionally the red rose boots come out but they do clash with many patterns).

Just trying to make it through this week , two more work days and then vacation bound.  Poconos I soon will be shouting  “I’M BACKKKKKKKKKKK”, Shawnee on the Delaware, what a lovely vacation spot this time of year,  close to NYC with a commuter bus if we want to head that way, 2 hours from Philly and Hershey and six Flags, great golf courses, micro breweries and vineyards and most important Crossings Outlet Mall and i can just hear those stores calling my name. Any one in the Poconos looking for a meet up???

September is turning into a busy, busy month, weeks in Pennsylvania, then a week in Whitehorse and then Yellowknife, I am pretty stoked about Whitehorse. I have never been and I hear the Northern Lights there are pretty spectacular, so yes I will be taking my camera, my ipad and my iphone so I can take tons of pictures. Cannot wait to take you all on a tour of Northern Canada.

For today I am trying to beat back the dreary with some floral.

Dress is from Target ( and on Clearance for 12.00 at the moment)  Blouse  ( similar)Banana Republic, Shoes (no longer available)  from Shoe Dazzle and of course my necklace and earrings from Yosa.
I could not believe the wind this morning, on a positive note it should dry all the moisture if it stops raining ( Folk fest is currently happening so I hope the rain is all over for them,  first time in a long time I am not working that festival and it feels kind of weird).

The dreariness of the day did nothing to illuminate my pictures  and as much as I have this awesome Canon I find the morning outfit shoot is so much easier with the Ipad and Self Timer. 
Soon I will get better organized and more comfortable with the Canon so that it becomes second nature to use.

Flash Back to this time last year during the tear down:

and don’t forget to check out this weeks Vineyard.

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  • It is cloudy and half-sunny here too. Not rainy, a little breezy – I love it. I am in love with your floral dress. I love both pairs of shoes especially the bright yellow boots. Guess who has got some bright yellow on, today? LOL

  • Oh, it's a cloudy day here, and I love those blue shoes.

    • I fell in love with them and then always forget to wear them. i think I have worn them like 3 or 4 times only. Sun is finally here so I am going to look sweet in my yellow rainboots when I head home

  • I'm convinced you have the best shoes. Hands down.

    • I am a bit of a shoe addict ( 150+ I know how sick is that)

  • Rain boots are a must in every women's closet. Special if you live wear it rains a lot. Like I do. I hope you have a great vacation.

    • Thanks, currently I have two pair but I am eyeing more

  • The Poconos is on my bucketlist but then again several places are!!!
    I hope you enjoy your trip
    I want to see pictures!

  • The Poconos is on my bucketlist but then again several places are!!!
    I hope you enjoy your trip
    I want to see pictures!