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Weekend Shenanigans

Friday I left Whitehorse and -3 degrees and hit summer when I hit Ottawa, so this may have been how I spent my weekend. Now I understand that we are all about boots, and plaid and fall colours but seriously folks if I could do this all year well I would sacrifice tights and boots,  honest I would.
Anyone in the north whom is thinking but fall clothes are so cute ask yourself this, plus degrees or minus degrees and how long does it take before you are wishing for warm temps again?? Truly I am already trying to figure out how pictures will work for the blog, dang I do not want to revert back to indoor pictures….

and after an amazing day in the pool we may have had an awesome steak dinner with a bottle of Ontario Red…..

steak and red wine Ravine
 and note we were eating outside, lord I will miss those days.

ravine vineyard cabernet franc

On the weekend I truly was not prepared for how warm it would actually get so quite possibly boots and flannel may have been a bit of an over kill.  ( no pics yet for today’s outfit because I am currently winging my way to Yellowknife hence why the rushed post LOL)
posing in the backyard, flannel and denim

white and flannel after september

white after labour day
Could not decide if I liked the pants tucked in or over the boot but I think both could work.
Jeans are Old Navy, Tank is Gap and Flannel is Target.  Boots are from George.

pink flannel white jeans

indian summer white jeans

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  • Glad you had some warmer weather when you got home. I'm all for warm weather. I truly hate the cold.

    • it was gorgeous this weekend now I m again off to cold temps while home is warm

  • Man you see I can think of ALL KINDS of cute things to do with fall pictures – like throwing leaves, kicking leaves, having a snowball fight…….PLEASE FALL HURRY UP AND GET HERE I WANNA WEAR MY BOOTS.

  • Cute outfit! Oh man, I bet you did love the poll. It's not as cold here yet..yet being the key word. I can't wait. I love boots and scarfs! I also love wine and steaks, haha. That dinner looks delish! Happy Monday!

  • Your fuschia grid shirt and booties are gorgeous. Perfect way to wear white jeans for Fall. I pinned this.

  • Grilled ribs are my favorite dish of all time.