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10 Hints I wish I could give myself about Blogging

Blogging Hints we all could use

Blogtober has some really interesting prompts, take today for instance  10 Things You’d Tell Yourself When You Started Blogging, can I limit it to ten….. here are my blogging hints and tips.

I have been blogging for about 14 months and I have learned a ton and still have a long way to go… take a media kit just as an example, I followed this great tutorial on Helen’s blog and created a Media Kit but then I realized, now what do I do about this??? so my lovely media kit has been sitting in my documents and has never seen the light of day, nor has anyone else seen it…. so some day I guess I will learn ” Pitching” and not the baseball kind.

 Top Tips for Blogging

So flashback and be given an opportunity to give myself 10 Blogging Hints, pieces of advice…. hmmm
1) Pictures matter as does size, yes ladies ( and gents) contrary to what you may have been told SIZE matters.  Pick a size and stick to it…. make it consistent and BIG, like I said size matters.  Personally I finally worked up the nerve and sent a blogger I admire an email and asked her how she got her pictures to look the way they do.she explained what to do and I did it.. size 682 ( today 735) that is what I use on pic monkey, always the same width
( well except for the occasional Gif). So thank you Shanna for being so kind to this gal.
2) The difference between a Post and a Page.  Hot damn folks my first three months of blogging all my outfits and shoe posts went on a Page and were not posts and now they are forever gone….
3) The importance of linking all your social media to your blog.  Sounds silly but it is true..

Still with me

4) The importance of your Name…  oh so very very true, I felt like I was having an identity crisis for awhile there trying to re-establish my self.  “This is My Life, Really”, to ” My Life” ( yea how original) to where I am now, something that says to me what I am and hopefully catches your attention a little bit.
Blogging Hints on naming your blog
5) Networking… it is not enough to read other blogs, this is a social community and you need to be engaged.  I now have my regular blogs that not only do I read them daily but I always try and comment, this way I am hopefully not only attracting them as a reader but I am developing friendships.

Next five

6) SEO,  damn still not really sure about this one but two main points, it is very important to go to “properties” on each picture and place a title on the “alt text”  I still do not understand the fine points of all of this but I do know it makes the picture pop up on google during a search and thus very very important if you are trying to attract people to your blog.
7) Sponsoring and Giveaways – very important to start this early…. I do not care what anyone else tells you if you are blogging and want people to read your blog then you need to find traffic somewhere. I watch a bloggers sidebar and I try and see where bloggers I like are sponsoring and then sometimes a great blogger will give you some great ideas for sponsoring and thanks to Ashleys tips not only did I find some great sponsors but some great blogs I now follow regularly ( Love the Here and Now) being one. Sponsoring is important to help get you traffic and to help teach you how to be an effective sponsor.

Blogging hints and giveaways


8) Bloggers are friendly and caring-  if you have a question send an email, bloggers no matter who they are, respond and are willing to help.  Remember they have been exactly where you are scared, unsure yet excited and keen, it is not a competition it is a family and they will help. My Ottawa Tribe is the bomb and it’s only after meeting them and connecting on a real level that I have seen a difference in my blog.
9) Its going to take time,  so be prepared to spend the time needed ( and money) and to plan in advance,   Blogging is a science  on to itself and we are not all experts but there is a lot of expertise out there.  I purchased Meagans E Book and that helped me a lot in the beginning, great tips on what to do and what not to do..  Invest in yourself people, buy a consult, ask the questions do not be shy…
10) Blog conferences – step out of your comfort zone and just take a chance you will meet some great people and have a great time….
OK that is just ten and I now I have dozens more but by now you are probably bored silly and just waiting impatiently for an opportunity to get back to your blog and get started.
Any great tips you want to pass along to a new blogger, a wanna be blogger or even a seasoned blogger?

Cat blogging

2017 Fast Forward

I can’t resist updating just slightly for you, plus truth be told this was originally an outfit post as well but dang the pictures were awful. I needed to take my own advise or better yet I should have included a few picture tips.
11) If a picture is bad don’t post it, better to not post then to share a dark grainy picture that no-one will find appealing
12) WordPress- self hosted-  I waited three years to long and had a heck of a transfer.  Switch now and I promise all that SEO stuff will make sense.
13) Clean up your Blog, busy patterns are too distracting , keep a clean landing page
14) Headings in your post, break it up so it is an easy read
15) Facebook groups- I get by with a little help from my friends, seriously folks
Finally- Share Everywhere, Reddit, Digg, Stumble, Bing as well as all of your Social Media Accounts.  Eyes on the prize, or better yet eyes on your posts.  The more shares, the more people see and read.
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  • The 10 tips on blogging – very helpful if I ever decide to take the little thing I do to a seriousness level.

    I love the overalls outfit. The skull scarf is darling. I would totally wear that outfit!

  • Thanks for tips. They come in very handy. Love your outfit!

  • Love you 10 things you have learn. I totally agree with them. I still don't have a media kit and have been blogging for 4 years. I should work on that.

  • Thank you Linda, great tips! Love the skull scarf and the booties, you look great! Red lipstick also looks very good on you! jess xx

  • this is great. I still am learning SEO and that is part of my real life job! I agree with so much of this. Great tips.

  • Gah! I totally need to work on my SEO skills. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  • Great tips. I totally stink with SEO. Ugh. You are so rockin' the overalls. Such a cute outfit!

  • Choosing a name for my blog was so stressful! I wanted something creative but something that was easy to remember. Great tips!

  • You are soooooo welcome for the picture tip! And you are right, we all started somewhere and have all been in the same blogging shoes. It's a great networking community. I enjoyed reading your list…I am still trying to figure out so much too! ha! xo

  • So, so helpful for new bloggers like me. Thanks!

  • Great tips! Networking is so important, when others start noticing you comment on their blog they tend to visit you back too. When it comes to pitching I probably do it wrong but I still get what I want. Make a top 10 products list of items you want, write the person in charge of that product telling them why your blog could help sell it and give them your address. Chances are if they haven't found you yet you will now be on their radar for the future. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, just saw the shout out, THANK YOU! I did all these things myself at first and more, blogging sure takes time to learn the ropes and I am STILL learning;) Loved this post and all the lessons that have helped you be a better blogger;)

  • great tips!
    xo Jessica

  • Anonymous

    I super looove this post Linda! And oh so true!

    My biggest pet peeve when I was just starting – SIZE MATTER! I wanted all my photos to have the same size, consistently and for the life of me, couldn't figure out how! Took me a year!


    ML aka @20YS