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Black Cats

I am amazed at the number of people that are still superstitious about black cats,  I have been looking for a new fur baby this week and seriously the amount of black cats at the Humane Society is crazy.  Apparently no-one is prepared ( or very few) to adopt a black cat. Personally I think Black cats are beautiful and would welcome one if we are a good fit. There are so many kittys looking for forever homes and the fact that people still are afriad of black cats makes me sad.

Now as far as superstitions go, yea I have some of those:
I worry about broken mirrors,
I will not walk under ladders,
I step over  cracks….
I throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it
 and always leave by the same door I came in…
I cross my fingers if I fib,
and cross my heart when making a promise
I will wish on an eyelash
and I will lift my feet and make a wish when on a covered bridge,
 I believe an itchy right hand means meet a stranger
 and an itchy left hand means money
an itchy left foot means I will walk on strange ground
 and of course an itchy nose is meet a stranger or kiss a fool
 but strangely enough I do not believe that Friday the 13th is a bad luck day.

Funny the superstitions that we believe in or want to believe in and those we don’t. What superstitions do you have??

Now on to a far more serious matter, how about this suit???? Is it not super awesome?? I did see the blazer at Target but it did not really catch my eye until Friday when I saw Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust wearing the suit . It was instant love for me, I fell hard people really hard,  I had to have it and sure enough on Saturday there it was…. I love this baby….. and the possibilities are endless, together or separate I will get a lot of wear from this, and to make it perfect, Saturday was 10% off plus I got an additional 5% because I finaly realized what the red card was all about.
I paired the Taret suit with a teal J Crew T Shirt and a necklace I have had for awhile. Added some fun argyl socks to continue with my mixing patterns love affair. (and yea if you are keeping track yet another day of plaid)

Would you wear a plaid suit???

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  • I don't have a lot of superstitions and are not aware of a lot so it's interesting to read to list!

  • Anonymous

    we have the same superstitions, guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Also I adore the suit, it looks great on you and it is versatile.

  • I'm not afraid of Friday the 13th at all. I actually got married on that day. Which some people didn't want to come to the wedding b/c of the day it was on.

  • It's weird, but I've always had really good luck on Friday the 13th. It's never been a bad day for me. The bad days are usually when the full moon is out. The full moon brings out the crazy in people, I think! haha

  • That necklace!

  • Man I wish my left hand itched more often!

  • Ha! I grew up hearing so many of these, my fav is the itchy left hand $$ hehe.

  • You have some superstitions I've never heard about! it's actually kind of interesting – like leaving from the same door your entered in!

    You definitely have an interesting list! 🙂


  • I guess I don't really believe in superstitions, which is a good thing because I hadn't heard about most of those!

  • Aw, I had a black cat and he was the best!!

  • Love these boots on you Linda, and I dont think I have any supersittions, not sure maybe the black cat
    I love the suit! Wow, the plaid looks great on you and it wil be very versitile mixing and matching
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  • I wish on eyelashes but more for fun than an actual superstition.

  • I love black cats too! I had one growing up named VooDoo!! LOVE that suit – that dark blue and teal is really flattering on you.

  • The black cat superstition use to drive me crazy along with lifting your feet off the floor when you go over tracks in a car…lol!! I stopped all that stuff because I think we make our own luck. Or destinies…anyway I think that suite is so cute!! I love plaid!

  • Such a cute suit!

  • Having had a black cat for 18 years that was an amazing creature, I can vouch for black cats being a good thing. There really are no evil cats. Just people who think so. And that suit? It's fantastic! I had a pair of pants in that exact plaid years ago. Makes me miss them.