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Dreaming of Vacations

Today we hit a minus temperature in the morning and I swear to you the heat was not on at work yet so I darn near froze my butt off. Ever try typing on your computer with gloves and a coat on…. not fun.  Then I tried to use my small heater to compensate and blew a fuse becuase the admin outside of my office apparently shares the same circuit breaker and turned her heater on at the same time,  go figure… so needless to say vacations and warmth are on my mind.

I have many dream vacations, many of them involve wine and/or drinking…

– I want to go wine touring in Tuscany
– I want to go wine touring in Napa
– Australia and New Zealand ( and wine) especially now that Carly is in Perth
– River Cruise in Europe
– Ireland and Scotland are calling my name

But my immediate dream vacation that I am trying to make happen today is the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.  Last year we spent New Years in Memphis watching the Liberty Bowl but this year San Antonio is calling. I am watching seat sales and checking points flights daily but if I can make it happen this year we will make it.  San Antonio is a city of wonder, and a place Kent and I have always talked about, plus we would then be close enough to Austin to head there for a bit ( or so goes the dream)..What is your Dream Vacation,  lining with #blogtober14

For today I will have to settle for dreaming of warmer places in my coat, scarf and hat…..Today is shopping my closet at its best, Scarf and purse are new this year but everything else has been around for awhile.

Suede Coat – Danier Leather, Scarf – Forever 21, Pants- Vanheusen, 
Shoes-GH Bass Purse-Kate Spade
Scarves and purses

Kate Spade Purse

Sweater- Marks, Tee- Target Belt- Wilson Leather and Necklace-Zellers Danier Suede Jacket 

Forever 21 Plaid Scarf

Vanheusen trousers

Braided my hair differently today and got a ton of compliments, what an easy do, 
braid with a twist
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  • IN love with your scarf!

    • Forever 21 for the win, I find it goes with everything.

  • Your dream vacations all sound wonderful–although, how could anything that involved delicious wine NOT be amazing?

  • andiamo alla toscana!

  • Killer, killer shoes girl! GAH I just love them – not surprised though, I always LOVE your shoes. Now I have two requests (1) will you please post a tutorial on your hair and (2) can I go with you wine touring in Tuscany?!

  • oooo that dream vacation sounds like heaven!! Totally should of thought about wine touring in Tuscany!!! Maybe we should make it a blogger trip:) Such a cute outfit!!

  • I did a wine your in Napa and loved it! Just make sure you hire a driver so you don't have to drive 😉

  • You and me both. I am also dreaming of vacations. Love your jacket, necklace, scarf and the color of those cool pants. =)

  • I would LOVE to go to Australia and New Zealand. I have quite a few friends that went to New Zealand and LOVED it. I definitely have that one on my list

  • These sound amazing! Love your outfit as well!

  • Your hair looks great. I can't believe they don't have your heat on at work yet.

  • Loving that purse! Wine touring anywhere sounds amazing!

  • Your shoes and bag are both fabulous! Too, too cute!

  • Napa is the best!

  • Napa, all of those sound wonderful. We will be taking another short trip to Asheville next month but would love to go to Europe. Love the mustard pants, the plaid scarf, and I am a fan of the oxfords you are wearing. Looks great
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  • Love everything in the outfit ! The shoes , the bag – beautiful 🙂 x


  • Sounds like a lot of great trips to add to wish list!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  • I want to go wine touring anywhere at this point. Maybe it's cuz it's Tuesday. I really like your pants. It's a really spunky color. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  • Your hair is so pretty like that! I'll have to give it a shot soon1 And if you go on any of those vacations take me with you! 😉

  • I love the purse! Napa sounds great!