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Eat,Drink Wine

Wine cork crafts, a medium I love dabbling in, and honest it has nothing to do with having to drink the wine to get the corks… OK maybe a little bit of that is what makes it so awesome.  I have made corkboards and trivets and recently some chalkboard art with cork frames.

Recently I saw a post where a blogger used winecorks to make a letter, and I thought I would love to do our initials…. initially was going to use a cardboard letter form and make a C and an M for our last names but once I got started I changed my mine, I decided I wanted something a little different.

So I gathered my supplies:


collection of wine corks


and started creating, went free form and started to create the letters E, A and T, its relatively easy only requiring a little patience and care, mostly because the glue gets hot and hurts.. the “E” was simple, create a base, and build from there
cork letters

crafting with corks

the “A” a little more complicated due to the shape of the corks but I used the “M” as a bit of a template. 
wine cork crafting

wine cork letters
“T” of course required a bit of a base so it could stand. 

“EAT”, seemed a perfect addition for the kitchen 

wine cork EAT

Tried it over the stove 
wine cork art
but ultimately ended with it over the window along with a few wine prints.

simple and easy wine cork crafts,  hardest part is drinking enough bottles to get a good supply… you can buy corks but trust me this way is more fun and creates better memories.  I can look at the letters and see the wine we have drank, and think back to each occasion.
Happy Saturday Folks
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  • Very cute! The most fun part of wine cork crafts is by far gathering the supplies!

    Pam | Pam's Life

  • What a cute DIY. I need to start saving my corks instead of throwing them away.

    • there are so many different idea, I want to cover my bar top next

  • That's an awesome idea! Most of wine doesn't have corks lol but my bestie's does and I'm going to ask her to save them for me!

  • These turned out really cute! I love the different colors of hte corks together!

  • What a genius idea. Love it!
    I am pinning it on my DIY Board.
    Popping by from Favorite Fashion Friday LinkUp.
    Angele x

  • What a fun idea! I like the thought of drinking all the wine to get the corks so you can look back on all your happy memories as you look at the art! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • I love looking at each cork and remembering the bottle and where we got it

  • Love this idea, very creative :):)

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays, featuring your post and pinned this week at the blog hop..